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September 27, 2022

Adrian Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu excluded from PSD

Social Democratic Party’s  (PSD)  Executive Committee  (CEx) decided on Monday, in a 53-9 vote, to exclude Adrian Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu, the latter announcing that he will not fight against the party but will challenge the decision.

“Following this vote we are obviously excluded. We will go, we will analyse, we will go at the party branches. Of course, we will file challenges, because it’s a senseless public execution. It’s very interesting how I managed to go from one extreme to the other. It’s an absolute lie. Both in the letter and every time we discussed with our colleague, we never had the intention to vote for the Opposition. We were and will remain the party’s loyal soldiers,” Marian Neacsu stated after the Executive Committee meeting.

“Why the decision was taken was not explained to us. There were some mindboggling reasons, senseless, so it’s hard for me to say. Yes, it’s an influential party office, won at the party conference. If the vote of 4,000 colleagues at the party conference did not matter, that’s that,” Neacsu said.

Marian Neacsu was PSD Secretary General, an office in which he was appointed following the party conference in March 2018, while Adrian Tutuianu was vice president of the party.

Adrian Tutuianu stated that the decision adopted on Monday shows that different opinions are censured within the party.

At the same time, Tutuianu said: “After 20 years, there are some colleagues who say I improperly served the interests of this party,” adding that he will talk with the members of the Dambovita branch.

“It’s a difficult moment I was expecting. I believe it’s a major mistake and today’s decision does nothing but show that different opinions are censured within the PSD. I expressed myself within the party. I didn’t see anyone condemning the fact that a man was recorded within the PSD by people interested in spoiling things in a party branch. I never intended to hide the things that are not working. I believe the party is heading in the wrong direction. Time will show whether we were right or those who voted for our exclusion today were right. There are statutory means, the Ethics Commission, the Party Congress, and there are legal means. I will consult my PSD Dambovita colleagues and we will decide what we have to do next. I want two things to be clear. To talk about a party’s problems does not mean being against the party. Neither Mr Neacsu nor I supported actions against the party,” Tutuianu said.


Stanescu after exclusions: I believe the party has made the biggest mistake today


Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu stated on Monday, after the Executive Committee meeting in which it was decided to exclude Marian Neacsu and Adrian Tutuianu, that this is the biggest mistake that the party has made, and he does not fear being sanctioned next.

“I believe the party has made a big mistake today, maybe the biggest mistake. Today I really am by their side and I believe it’s a mistake. I have no problem with that (being replaced in the Government – editor’s note),” Paul Stanescu stated.


Dragnea, ahead of CExN meeting: Unfortunately, it will be an unpleasant but necessary meeting


PSD Chairmant Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday, ahead of the party’s Executive Committee meeting, that the meeting will unfortunately be unpleasant, but necessary, and suggested that there will be several proposals to exclude party members.

“Unfortunately, it will be an unpleasant but necessary meeting,” Dragnea said. Asked whether he will table proposals to exclude party members, he said: “We’ll propose several, to put an end to this whole period in which some colleagues plotted, negotiated, the ousting of the PSD Government.”


PSD’s Dragnea shows up to CExN reunion with two suitcases, one containing donuts


On Monday, PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea came with two suitcases at the PSD Executive Committee (CEx) meeting – saying that one of them was containing “donuts from Rise Project” (e.n. – donut = lie), and the other one was containing “files” about the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania (FDRG) and Klaus Iohannis. Asked by the journalists, Dragnea said that the suitcase about which Rise Project wrote is “a donut”, it has nothing to do with him and “it’s a stupid thing, a desperate thing, probably also to cover the scandal around the two gentlemen whose name is Lazar”.

“It’s a donut, it has nothing to do with me, I’m not interested. I have no idea what’s in that suitcase, who provided it”, Dragnea said about the things revealed by Rise Project, after he spoke about the two suitcases he brought.

“The first suitcase contains donuts from Rise Project. They are fresh, right here. The second suitcase, you know I’m from Teleorman, and as any local from Teleorman, I found in the bottom of my courtyard a suitcase with documents that weren’t provided to DNA. Let’s see what it’s all about: the file regarding the fraudulent acquisition of the Raiffeisen building. The file related to the restitutions of the assets of the Democratic Forum of Germans, to the German ethnic group. The file regarding the promotion of the prosecutors who closed his (Iohannis’ – e.n.) cases. The file containing false statements on the money received as rent. Cash. The file related to dismantling the nursing home from the Democratic Forum of Germans. The file containing pressing things on a CCR judge. Oops, we have some memory sticks, too. I give you these two suitcases”, the PSD leader said.

Also asked about the documents related to Tel Drum, Liviu Dragnea replied to the journalists: “Aren’t you interested in the bad things made by certain prosecutors with the Romanian President?”.

“It’s a stupid thing, a desperate thing, probably also to cover the scandal around the two gentlemen whose name is Lazar. Only that this scandal cannot be buried”, the PSD leader claimed.


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