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October 7, 2022

PSD convenes ExCom meeting expected to clarify party dissidents’ situation

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will convene on Monday, at noon, at the Palace of Parliament, a National Executive Committee (NatExCom) meeting whose agenda, according to the statements that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea made on Friday, will not consist of the government reshuffle but of the nominations for the leadership of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) and National Audio-Visual Council (CNA).

Asked whether there will also be talks about sanctions against some party leaders, Dragnea said: “It’s Friday and I’m asking you nicely, I really don’t want to ruin my weekend by commenting on all the nonsense and made-up things some are saying on television and on various websites. I believe that rumours that have no real basis are nonsense.”

On this topic, PSD Vice President Gabriel Zetea stated on Thursday, for MEDIAFAX, that some county branch presidents are “vehemently” demanding the exclusion of PSD Vice President Adrian Tutuianu for “inappropriate statements.”

In several leaked audio recordings broadcast by RomaniaTV in recent weeks, Adrian Tutuianu is heard saying, during meetings with party members in Dambovita County, that the PSD is “a party of monkeys” because it accepted Dragnea nominating Sevil Shhaideh for the PM’s office, and criticising some ministers.

On October 25, Liviu Dragnea said that the status of PSD Vice Presidents Adrian Tutuianu and Gabriela Firea will be tackled during the next NatExCom meeting because “we can’t miss such a pleasant topic.” The PSD President was asked for his comments on the Tutuianu leaked recordings and some PSD Bucharest General Council members’ announcement that they will no longer vote in favour of projects unless Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea consults them, his answer being that he does not believe the topic will be avoided.

During the previous PSD ExCom meeting on September 21, Bucharest District 5 Mayor Daniel Florea asked that Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea be excluded from the party, however his proposal was not put up for vote. His request came after Firea, along with Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu and Adrian Tutuianu, asked in a letter that Liviu Dragnea step down from the helm of the PSD.

On the other hand, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Friday that, if PSD’s ExCom meeting takes place on Monday or Wednesday, she will not take part in it because she will be on a delegation to Madrid. The mayor said that she is not leaving for Madrid on purpose, to skip the Social Democrats’ meeting.


Codrin Stefanescu: Some colleagues no longer represent PSD’s position. We will demand clarifications within NatExCom

On the other hand, PSD Deputy Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Saturday, for MEDIAFAX, that Monday’s NatExCom meeting will host talks about leaders that no longer represent “PSD’s unitary position,” after they sent letters “of #resist origin” and said that they are members of a party of “monkeys.”

“PSD has a unitary position, PSD has a leadership backed by all county organisations, by mayors, by County Council Chairman, by parliamentarians, and at this moment PSD is waging a very difficult battle against the remnants of the deep state. If, during this battle, you come up with open letters whose contents are of #resist origin, obviously you no longer represent PSD’s unitary position. When it is heard in the public space that during a party meeting you swore at the ministers, colleagues, all of them, believing you are part of a party of monkeys, obviously you don’t represent PSD’s unitary position,” Stefanescu stated.

The Social Democrat pointed out that a discussion on this topic will take place at the NatExCom meeting on Monday, and party leaders will adopt a decision.

“Moreover, these colleagues – speech marks – of ours managed to publicly convey that they do not respect the vote of Romanians, first of all. Consequently, those of us who stand by the party president’s side will ask the ExCom for some clarifications, we will discuss openly, and we will decide based on all of this,” Stefanescu pointed out.


PSD leader: We can’t liquidate those with opposite opinions. We must accept Tutuianu, even though he talks too much


At the same time, PSD Vaslui President Dumitru Buzatu stated on Saturday, for MEDIAFAX, that the issue of sanctioning some leaders may be raised during the NatExCom meeting on Monday, but that he disagrees with “liquidating” critical voices, and stated that Adrian Tutuianu must be accepted even though “he talks too much.”

“From what I know, it’s not about exclusions, it’s about nominating some persons for some offices, and we’re talking about a brief ExCom [meeting]. There are all kinds of rumours, some who still bear grudges against others and are launching these things, but I know that this was the purpose of convening it. Some may raise these issues too, we’ll see. They can’t help it, that’s that…,” Buzatu said when asked whether sanctions will be adopted during the party’s ExCom meeting.

The Social Democrat said that the recordings in which Adrian Tutuianu criticised the party made “a ruckus” within the party, but the PSD Vice President must be accepted because, even though “he talks too much,” he was good when he won the elections in Dambovita.

“I’m against sanctions, I never applied the sanction of excluding a member. In principle, we can’t liquidate all those with an opposite opinion, if they accept to observe the party’s decisions. Of course, those recordings with Adrian Tutuianu made more ruckus. That’s Adrian, that’s his way, it’s not really a desirable way of expressing oneself, but that’s that, we must accept that; just as he was good when he led the campaign and obtained those results he is also good when he talks too much,” PSD Vaslui’s leader said.


House Deputy Speaker on PSD’s ExCom: We better part ways with those who disregard the majority’s decisions


House Deputy Speaker Florin Iordache (PSD) stated on Saturday that at the NatExCom meeting on Monday there must be “a discussion and a clarification” concerning the leaders who are criticising the party, pointing out that “we better part ways” with those who disregard the vote of the majority.

“I’m tired of discussing on television the reactions of some colleagues. You see that the Opposition doesn’t exist much, and we give them topics of debate,” House Deputy Speaker Florin Iordache (PSD) stated on Saturday for RealitateaTV.

Asked whether PSD’s NatExCom meeting on Monday will discuss the sanctions, Iordache said: “Undoubtedly we must have a discussion and clarification. I mean if there are disputes. It’s abnormal for a series of colleagues to come out publicly and criticise, disagree with, the points of view of the Government, of the party. We must sit there and analyse. It’s counterproductive to criticise on television and not to clarify within.”

The Social Democrat added that there is the risk of enforcing sanctions.

“Undoubtedly, yes. If they decide something, and the majority exists via voting, and if the vote of the majority decides certain issues within a party branch, those who disregard the vote… it would be better to part ways than to continue the scandal,” Iordache added.

He added that the criticism that Adrian Tutuianu levelled against certain ministers bothered him, however he said he does not know how he would vote if the proposal to exclude the PSD Vice President is tabled.

“I was bothered by the way in which Mr Tutuianu took the liberty to criticise certain colleagues. He didn’t have such positions within the party, and here we are pleasing the press with these tabloid topics. I don’t know if I would vote for it (excluding Tutuianu – editor’s note), let’s see the arguments. Mr Tutuianu should say why he came out publicly and criticised his colleagues. To come out publicly and criticise your colleagues, I don’t believe that’s fair-play. There are around 65 colleagues who will take part in the ExCom, undoubtedly he will take part in it too,” Florin Iordache added.

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