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September 29, 2022

President Iohannis invites youth to enter politics, to actively participate in the decision-making process

President Klaus Iohannis invites young people to enter politics, to participate actively in the decision-making process and urges them not to allow the promises of those in power to remain “simple passages in archives”.

“I know that many of you are deeply disappointed with the way in which politics is done today in our country. The solution is not abandoning or leaving the country. The solution is, and I invite you, as I did on other occasions, to enter politics, to actively participate in the decision-making process. Do not allow the future to be decided in your absence or without you being consulted. Do not let the promises of those in power remain simple passages in archives. And since I am speaking about unhonoured promises, who remembers the promising prospects of the famous government program, which in the meantime turned out to be a genuine manual of manipulation,” the president says on Thursday in a message sent to the third the edition of the Youth Summit in Baia Mare.

“You have shown that you can bring the public authorities to the discussion table, you have managed to break this closed circle of doing politics, you have become aware of your needs. Maybe not all of them have answered promptly and you have met difficulties in persuading them, but surely, if you insist, politicians will realize that, without taking into account your opinion, it cannot be. I urge you to have the courage to continue!” the president says.

“This is not a slogan. You must not allow the programs and projects that are aimed at you to be decided by decision-makers not connected to your needs, ideas, and aspirations. No one can progress without taking into account the needs and expectations of the younger generation and therefore it is very important for your voice to be heard and heard, “says Klaus Iohannis.

“In less than two months, Romania will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the European community is expecting from us not only a serious mandate but, above all, very good results. I count on your involvement at this stage. You are part of the generation that has enough enthusiasm and creativity to be able to restore optimism in the future of the European project and I am sure that, together, we will find solutions to overcome the current challenges facing both the Romanian society and the Union. It is a test I hope we will pass successfully and that is why I expect you to have an innovative and constant contribution,” says Iohannis, who mentions that he has awarded his High Patronage to the program Youth Capital in Romania.

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