PSD’s Dragnea: “I think Iohannis’ impeachment, no longer necessary, because by everything he does, he will self-impeach

The Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday he does not think that it is necessary to start the demarches for the impeachment of President Klaus Iohannis, adding that he will self-impeach through all he does.

“I think it is no longer necessary, because by everything he does, he will self-impeach,” Dragnea said at Parliament’s Palace, asked if the Social Democratic party (PSD) is taking into consideration the impeachment of the head of state.

Dragnea said that Iohannis is a panicked and very angry man because he sees how the “hideous system that has protected him” is falling apart, and the fact that he is starting to use so much the word “criminal” can become dangerous for a person who has committed offenses, proven by Romanian courts.

“I have seen, like many others, a panicked man, very nervous and irritated, but in panic. And it is natural because we actually see a president who is panicked because he sees how the odious system that has protected him and tries to protect him further is falling apart. Mr. Iohannis sees the how the rope is tightening around his neck and is starting to seriously consider that the time when he has to answer for the countless unlawful acts he has committed in recent years may come,” Dragnea said.

He added that on Monday he presented some documents regarding the president that were released in the public sphere, published in the press, “only that they were put in the drawer as if they were unimportant, as if we are talking about a common man.”

The PSD leader added that he remembers Iohannis saying that he had no criminal file and that he had never been prosecuted, but in fact, we now “find out that he had not one, but nine criminal cases that were closed, one just two days before submitting his candidacy.” He added that there is also a certificate in the files that shows the president’s wife and mother-in-law as heiresses, “but as fake heiresses,” and also a false sale-purchase contract concluded by the president through use of forgery.

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