Dragnea presents new suitcase with evidence about “Mr Iohannis’s criminal activity” , claims it was found “by a native of Sibiu”. PSD leader accuses Iohannis of filing incomplete personal financial statement and presents video

Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea showed up at the Palace of Parliament on Monday carrying a suitcase larger than the previous two he presented, containing documents and memory sticks, stating that the suitcase was found “by a native of Sibiu.”

“This is the second Monday and the second suitcase. A native of Sibiu said he found it in his courtyard and he gave it to a friend, who gave it to his friend, and the latter has apparently become a protected witness. These are some [memory] sticks we will hand out to you,” the PSD leader said.

“We, all of us, have often seen that even though there are some journalists who make well-documented revelations regarding Mr Iohannis’s criminal activity, these pieces of news die out very fast. Very, very odd. So, I said I should continue. I believe Romanians have a legitimate right to know who this character really is. The President we are seeing is fake, a cardboard character propped up by the deep state. Many have described him as the boss of a clan, given all the actions carried out. We can talk about 17 criminal dossiers. This gentleman who was talking about lawbreakers and about the lawbreakers perched at the helm of the state. While acting as Snow White and pointing the finger, he was the potential lawbreaker at the helm of the state,” Dragnea added.

The PSD leader also ironized the Head of State’s presence at the General Assembly of the Association of Romanian Municipalities, asking the journalists: “Did Mr Iohannis finish at Mr Negoita? Did he? So we wouldn’t interrupt him.”


“Iohannis omitted some sums from his personal financial statement. Next week I’ll come up with the third suitcase”


Liviu Dragnea accused Klaus Iohannis of omitting some sums from his personal financial statement, sums he collected by renting out certain houses, adding that while the President levels accusations this is how the President’s “well-done” job looks like.

“The Romania of the job well done. This is what we were told by Mr Iohannis, who didn’t include in his personal financial statement the sums with that commercial bank, paid upfront as rent. Prosecutors didn’t investigate, they protected him. Other dossiers were opened, and I believe dossiers will appear. Next Monday I’ll come up with the third suitcase. The third, not the fourth. That one contained fudge, but you didn’t want to fall for that fudge either,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

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