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MBA Mutua laid a flower wreath to the Italian Heroes Monument in Ghencea Cemetery. The culture of mutualism, closer to the Italian community in Romania

On the occasion of the National Unity and Armed Forces Day, Mutua Basis Assistance, the largest Italian Mutua for the number of members, laid a flower wreath to the Italian Heroes Monument in Ghencea Cemetery of Bucharest.

Mutua Basis Assistance is also present in Romania thanks to Giulio Bertola, an Italian entrepreneur with many successful case histories of internationalization as well as being very sensitive to the support and protection initiatives for the Italian community in Romania.

Bertola, in fact, has a great associative experience, a statutory and organizational structure of the mutua, obtained in more than twenty years of presence in Romania, as an active member in Confindustria Romania of which he was also founder, as a Vice-president, from 2008 to 2011, of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania (CCIpR) and currently also as a Delegate for External Relations of Confindustria Est Europa (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Belarus, Macedonia, Ukraine and Bosnia).


Dr. Bertola, on November 6, Mutua MBA laid a flower wreath at the Italian Heroes Monument in the Ghencea Cemetery. Does it have a particular meaning?


 Certainly, MBA Mutua, from a few months, has decided to divulge the culture of mutualism in Romania, to the Italian and Romanian families, and it’s an initiative with a certain history, just think of what happened in this country, at the end of the 19th century, when an Italian, by the name of Luigi Cazzavillan (1852-1903), partisan fighter, founded a sort of mutual aid to assist a community of 500 Italians in Bucharest. In the military cemetery of Ghencea more than 2,000 Italian soldiers are buried, fallen during the First and the Second World Wars, the massive stone crosses engraved with names and surnames of Italians are very touching and even nostalgic but, at the same time, they give even greater value to all the virtuous actions that we carry out today, as Italians, to protect our compatriots, entrepreneurs and others.

The Italian soldiers rest near the Romanian soldiers, as an evidence of a common journey begun in tragic moments in history, for this reason I think it is a duty, to live responsibly and above all concrete the most intense and significant moments of our presence in Romania.

After 130 years, today, in 2018, it is as if I had taken the testimonial from Cazzavillan in order to continue the mutual project in favor of our large community but this time with a particular focus on the most important partnership between Italy and Romania, the human one, represented by the new Italian-Romanian generations.


How did you come up with the idea of bringing an Italian Mutua in Romania?


I decided to bring an Italian Mutua to Romania starting from the need to find a form of security in the health care sector in favor of our entrepreneurs and their families, often Italian-Romanian families, and then for all the Romanian citizens. Mutua is a concrete response to the anxieties of those who avoid enrollment in the AI.R.E in order not to lose the right to public assistance in Italy, thus remaining in a limbo of irregularity. After a careful analysis I opted for the most important among them, MBA Mutua, the first in Italy for the number of members, also known for the large institutional conventions. Then it was a great surprise for me when I learned that MBA Mutua is also the health fund of the largest Italian Confindustria, Assolombarda, and as an association person, I was very excited to find out this.


 But, in Romania as in Italy, there are already the insurance companies that offer health insurance policies.


 Of course, the insurance companies have an indispensable and very useful activity, even with very good products, but they often cannot be accessible for a common family, thus becoming a health insurance only for a certain group of very wealthy people.

MBA Mutua is complementary, non-profit, and brings the family closer to a quality private health assistance with a very affordable price, the same for every family unit, regardless of the number of its members, their state of health and their age, recognizing to them the right to health care even for the persons with previous serious illnesses, which often is the reason of exclusion from an insurance policy. An extraordinary evolution therefore in planning the health assistance to the families according to the associative concept, establishing a relationship Mutua-Member and not the traditional Insurance-Customer one.




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