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November 26, 2022

Iohannis: Dragnea-Dancila Gov’t, this accident of democracy, has turned us back 11 years, to the pre-accession period

“Their only goal is to keep Dragnea out of prison”


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, after the EP Resolution was adopted and the CVM report was presented, that the Dragnea-Dancila Government – “this accident of democracy” – has turned Romania back 11 years, to the period prior to the accession to the EU. “Unfortunately, the Dragnea-Dancila Government – this accident of democracy – has entirely different ideas and is trying to pull the country back. These things are causing a major disservice and we must observe that Dragnea is fighting, is carrying suitcases, is talking behind doors. The bad part is that he is fighting against Romania, not for Romania,” the President said.

Klaus Iohannis added that Viorica Dancila is not fighting, “the country is burning and the Prime Minister is hiding in Arabia.”

“It’s worrisome, very worrisome, and these things today should make us ponder. (…) We all notice with great concern that these members of Government are acting the goat, they have other concerns and that’s that. The only objective of the current Dragnea-Dancila Government is to keep Dragnea out of prison and to protect him from dossiers, nothing else matters for them, they’re no longer interested in Europe, in Romania, in the way Romania is functioning, and this is very sad. These two documents must be read in a way that everybody understands. They are basically telling us that Romania has turned back to where it was 11 years ago, before the accession. We didn’t want this. This is a first, palpable, measurable result of the Dragnea-Dancila Government. They’ve wiped the whole effort and results of the 11 years that have passed since we joined the EU. This accident of Romanian democracy has managed to cancel out these results in record time,” the President underscored.

Asked how Romania will be able to recover, he said: “It won’t be easy at all. I hope an ever-growing number of Romanian politicians would wake up, of course, especially those in Parliament, would draw the appropriate conclusions and would finally act.”

Regarding the nomination for the helm of the DNA and the proposal to have Augustin Lazar dismissed from office, the President said he will analyse them carefully and in light of the new recommendations of the European Commission.

Asked about the statement made by Viorica Dancila, asking the President to no longer attack the Government and insisting that consensus is needed, Klaus Iohannis said: “If the Prime Minister comes from Arabia to Bucharest from time to time and says such things – let’s make sure everything’s well for it to be well – this does not substitute good governance in any way. She should strive more to solve Romania’s problems.”


I had no dossier, they were all dismissed because there are no offences. Maybe it’s important for Romanians to know this from me too, to find out from me that I’ve never committed an illegal or criminal act


President Klaus Iohannis says he had no dossier, all cases being dismissed because there were no offences, adding that he knows very well what he did at the Sibiu City Hall, before that, and subsequently at the Presidency. Asked how many dossiers he had, Iohannis said: “I’ve had no dossier. They were all dismissed and that means I had no dossier. I’ve seen that this diligent Dragnea and his suitcases… he’s not even original, he collects the articles that you and others have written during the five elections campaign in which I took part… these dismissals of cases were not made because I know Lazar no1., Lazar no.2 or someone else, I don’t know these people, we have no kind of personal relationship, we have institutional relationships. All these dossiers were dismissed because there are no offences. I know very well what I did at the City Hall, before the City Hall, at the Presidency too, and maybe it’s important for Romanians to know this from me too, to find out from me that I’ve never committed an illegal or criminal act, which is just as true in the case of my wife Carmen.”

Asked whether Carmen Iohannis will go to the Prosecutor General’s Office on Thursday, where she was subpoenaed for hearings, Iohannis said she will not.

“She will not because we will be in London, on a state visit,” he explained.


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