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October 7, 2022

PM Dancila: Romania is ready to take over Presidency of EU Council;Iohannis’s statements deeply damage Romania’s interests. “I am disappointed and outraged about the conclusions of the CVM report. It isn’t fair, Romania’s arguments are being ignored”

Romania is ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council and, through his statements, Klaus Iohannis “profoundly damages” the interest of our country, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Tuesday evening.

When asked on Antena 3 private television station whether or not Romania is ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council in the context of the Finnish PM’s statements, who offered for his country to take over the rotating Presidency instead of Romania, following President Klaus Iohannis’s statements, Dancila responded: “It was to be expected that following Mr President Klaus Iohannis’s statements we would have this type of effects. Romania is certainly ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council. Romania’s Government is well prepared and this thing is even known by President Iohannis, because we have an inter-ministerial committee for the Presidency of the EU Council, which meetings were attended by representatives of the Presidential Administration.”

Moreover, the PM added having met the head of state in order to explain him the stage of the preparation for the Presidency. “Even the Secretary General of the European Commission said that Romania is ready to take over the rotating Presidency,” Dancila added.

The PM also provided some elements, for the first time, related to the programme of actions that are to be carried out during Romania’s mandate.

“The entire programme of actions is completed. During Romania’s mandate there will be over 1,000 formal and informal meetings in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, therefore, there will be seven meetings and discussions each day during Romania’s Presidency of the EU Council. We will have a multitude of formal and informal events organised in Romania. The essential benchmarks for the heads of state and government meetings in Sibiu on 9 May 2019 have been defined. I can say that the actual programme of the Summit started, the accreditation system is completed, the website is ready, the people in charge with the events and protocols established, the interinstitutional network of communicators is formed and trained,” Dancila mentioned.

The PM also added that Romania has selected and prepared “an army of professionals who will ensure the necessary human resource.”

“There are 279 presidents and vice-presidents of working groups, 342 coordinators, 800 file experts. There have been supplemented by 132 the offices at Romania’s Representation to the EU. There are just some figures that show the seriousness of the takeover of the Presidency and the fact that we are ready and able to take over the rotating Presidency. Moreover, Romania currently exercises the “shadow Presidency” during the Austrian Presidency. This thing will allow an easy transition from the Austrian Presidency to the rotating Presidency which Romania will hold, as of 1 January 2019,” Dancila stated.

In respect to the message that the Finnish PM would convey regarding his country’s proposal, the PM stated: “We definitely reject this thing, in fact, we saw that Finland also understood that Romania is ready and that we can successfully manage the rotating Presidency that we are to take over on 1 January 2019.”

When asked if she finds inappropriate President Klaus Iohannis’s statements regarding the fact that Romania is not ready for the Presidency of the EU Council, Dancila replied: “Through such statements, through such words prompting people to overturn the government, Mr President Iohannis profoundly damages Romania’s interests.”

“I respect the Presidential institution, as I respect all state institutions. You’ve seen that I am a firm and total supporter of a good co-operation, but I find myself obligated to reject and even condemn such a destructive attitude of the President of Romania. I wonder what Mr President wants, anarchy, political instability? Because I believe that this can be achieved only when (…) coming up with such statements, which bring a negative image not only inside Romania, but it is also taken over abroad,” Dancila said.

Finland’s PM Juha Sipila announced on Tuesday that his Government raised its readiness in the event of a possible request of Romania to swap the order of taking over the Presidency of the EU Council of next year, but mentioned that no such request was made, the Yle public radio-television announced.

PM Sipila stated that Romania’s political tensions won’t affect the calendar of the Presidency of the EU Council. He told the STT news agency that Romania has no intention to postpone its six-month term of the Presidency of the EU Council. In the first semester of 2019, this position is to be taken over by Romania, and, in the second semester, by Finland.

On Monday President Klaus Iohannis argued that the Government in Bucharest is not ready to ensure the Presidency of the Council of the EU.


“I am disappointed and outraged about the conclusions of the CVM report. It isn’t fair, Romania’s arguments are being ignored”


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said she was “outraged and disappointed” about the conclusions of the CVM (Co-operation and Verification Mechanism) report of the European Commission on Romania, considering, among other things, that the arguments of the Romanian Government were totally ignored by those who drafted the document.

“I am disappointed and outraged. Disappointed because it’s not fair, as long as Romania’s arguments are being ignored and the CVM objectives are always changing, especially so that we will never be able to meet them. I was there, in the European Parliament, I spoke about Romania, I brought to the attention of the European Parliament and Mr First Vice-President Frans Timmermans certain things he cannot say now that he wasn’t aware of, and I am referring to the protocols. I am outraged, for Romania is asked to do things that are not acceptable in another European country,” stated Viorica Dancila on Tuesday evening in a phone intervention on Antena 3 private television broadcaster, when she was asked about the most recent CVM report on Romania.

The PM added that, in her capacity, she cannot, under any circumstance, accept “that imperative recommendation by which an official document of the European Commission tells us to suspend the laws that were voted in the Romanian Parliament and validated by the Constitutional Court.”

“Such request I believe it’s an interference in the constitutional order of a Member State and, at the same time, a violation of the European treaty. Moreover, it’s totally unacceptable that they ask us to immediately suspend the procedures of removal or appointment of some chief-prosecutors, for this would be a brutal intervention in matters that are related to Romania’s sovereignty. As long as we observe the laws of our country, and as long as we observe the Romanian Constitution, built in agreement with the EU principles, nobody has the right to get involved in our internal procedures regarding the appointments in the justice field. Also, it’s not fair that we are told to resume the procedure on removing or appointing some prosecutors, when in Germany, for instance, the prosecutor general was removed in one single day for having accused the Justice Minister that he did not observe justice independence. There is no resolution concerning Germany in the European Parliament and no CVM reports, which makes us wonder: why such difference?,” said Dancila.

The PM also referred to the 18 questions that she received from EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, regarding the justice laws and criminal codes.

“I answered them in good faith, while being certain he wanted a clarification after the toxic propaganda some did in Brussels. I offered him legal arguments. I haven’t seen any of these arguments appearing in the CVM report and so I wonder: what was the purpose of the 18 questions received from Mr First Vice-President Timmermans? Why ask someone if you weren’t the least bit interested in what that person had to say? I only ask respect for Romania, equal treatment for Romania in Europe, equal rights and treatment for the Romanian citizens. I believe that we cannot accept Romanians to be scolded for something that everybody does in Europe or to be asked things that nobody does in Europe and I believe that this is how Romania should be treated; I will say this again, that I am disappointed and I don’t think it’s fair they ignore the official position of the Romanian Government,” said Dancila.

On Tuesday, the European Commission recommended Romania, under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism, to immediately suspend the implementation of the justice laws and subsequent emergency ordinances and revise them considering in full both the recommendations of the Venice Commissions and the ones of the Group of States Against Corruption of the Council of Europe (GRECO).

“Developments in the past 12 months in Romania are throwing a shadow or pushing back some of the progresses made in the past ten years, for which reason the European Commission came with eight new recommendations under the CVM report for Romania,” the First Vice-President of the community Executive, Frans Timmermans, stated in Strasbourg.


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