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September 29, 2022

Monica Macovei resigns from party she founded

MEP Monica Macovei has resigned from the M10 Party she founded in 2015.

According to an M10 Party communique remitted on Wednesday, the party’s current leadership thanks Monica Macovei for her activity and for the initiative of founding “this political vehicle dedicated to the young generation.”

“On Tuesday, Monica Macovei, M10 member and MEP, resigned from the party she founded in 2015. The M10 Party thanks Ms Macovei for her activity in the party, for the initiative of founding this political vehicle dedicated to the young generation – vehicle that has demonstrated that a different politics can be done too. Even though the strategic vision and doctrinaire orientation of Ms Monica Macovei did not always coincide with that of the party, she remains a symbol of the fight against corruption and of responsible politics, proven as both Justice Minister and MEP. We thank her, and we wish her success!”, the communique reads.

In early 2017, following a General Assembly meeting, the members of the party decided to adopt a conservative doctrine, M10 being a full member of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) in the European Parliament.

Alongside other parties and civic movements, M10 Party is one of the initiators of the project to coagulate all Romanian right-wing forces (Christian-Democratic, conservative, liberal), in a new political platform called “Right Alternative.” This project also includes the Romanian Christian-Democratic Union (UCDR), Force Moldova Party, and the Right Alternative and Conservative Alliance political platforms, entities that will announce their openness to collaborate in the future in order to promote the interests of the conservative/Christian-Democratic electorate, proposing an alternative that would represent it in the European Parliament in 2019, in the local/county structures and in the European Parliament in 2020, and which would undertake to govern the country starting in 2024.

The M10 Party has 16 branches throughout the country. In the 2016 local elections it won 94 local councillors, 2 mayors and 5 deputy mayors. Adela Marza, former leader of the M10 Cluj branch, was elected party president on 13 October 2018.


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