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June 26, 2022

PM Dancila, Senate Speaker Tariceanu on EP’s resolution critical of Romania: It is groundless. Dancila: It is a profoundly incorrect political resolution

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has said that the resolution adopted on Tuesday by the European Parliament on the rule of law in Romania is “political” and “profoundly incorrect.”

“Definitely it is a political resolution, it is profoundly incorrect and at least at some points is groundless, while at others it does not even refer to Romania. In fact, this resolution is the expression of the electoral interests of the big European political groups – the people’s party, who are the majority and the social democrats,” Dancila told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Tuesday evening.

She offered some arguments in support of her statements. “The amendments of explicit condemnation of the protocols between the secret services and the judiciary were rejected, as such protocols would be common in the European Union, when they are in reality unacceptable. Then it is hard to understand the criticism levelled at the Romanian Gendarmerie, given that the intervention of the law enforcement forces in the other EU member states is perfectly identical to that of the Romanian gendarmes,” Dancila said.

The prime minister added, regarding the vote in the EP, that “it is absolutely regrettable that Romanian MEPs voted against Romania.”

“There are some limits that no good Romanian should ever exceed and under no circumstances. A good Romanian never votes against his own country, regardless of the context, irrespective of the political war, no matter how many electoral benefits he would get by that. It is sad to see Romanians pitted against Romania, as we have seen in the case of this resolution,” Dancila said.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament adopted a non-legislative resolution on the rule of law in Romania, 473 to 151 and 40 abstentions, a text that says MEPs are deeply concerned with the reform of the judiciary and criminal law in Romania and condemn the violent and disproportionate intervention of the police forces during August protests in Bucharest.


ALDE’s Tariceanu: EP resolution – totally unbalanced, I am profoundly disappointed; I will send a letter to European ALDE group


The European Parliament’s resolution on Romania analyses a series of events, from an eminently political perspective, without a balanced documentation, without a single mention to the official standpoint of the Romanian authorities, either if we speak of the Government or Parliament, which is completely unnatural, the President of the Senate, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, stated on Tuesday.

He announced that he will send a letter to the European ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) group to voice his discontent.

“This is a document that I had the chance to analyse before and I am telling you that it’s totally unbalanced, it’s subjective and I am profoundly disappointed with the entire thing. Today or tomorrow I will send a letter to my colleagues in the European ALDE group to let them know about my dissatisfaction with the position some of them adopted. For not all the members from the ALDE group voted in favour of the resolution; I will wait for the exact list,” Tariceanu said in Parliament.

The head of the Senate said that the provision regarding the legitimacy of the protocols signed between the intelligence services and institutions in the justice field in Romania was removed from the resolution.

“I will give you one single example: in item four there was a clear reference to the legitimacy of the protocols signed between the intelligence services and various institutions in the justice field. This reference, which was written in bold letters in the resolution draft is no longer there. My colleagues from the ALDE group were the ones who raised the matter and there was an amendment they voted on and this amendment did not pass. I don’t know who was so efficient to convince the extremely thin majority (…) to remove this reference which, and pay attention to this, was also to be found in the report and recommendations of the Venice Commission we were asked to take into consideration. So, while we are asked to take into account these things, the European Parliament removes them from its resolution,” said Tariceanu.

He also said that he didn’t know the structure of the vote in the EP, but he was able to confirm that MEPs Renate Weber and Norica Nicolai voted against it.

“I wish, I am very curious to see the structure of the vote on the text of the resolution in the European Parliament, for I found it a very worrying matter if the Romanian MEPs voted in favour of this resolution. This is an attitude that, for me, it basically defines the behaviour of the current Opposition, which understands to solve its disputes, which are natural to exist between a majority and the Opposition, not in Romania, not in the Romanian Parliament, but it tries to export them abroad, with unfavourable consequences Romania and Romanians are forced to deal with,” added Tariceanu.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament adopted the non-legislative resolution regarding the rule of law in Romania, with 473 votes cast in favour, 151 votes against and 40 abstentions, a text that underscored “the profound concern” of the MEPs for the judicial and criminal reform in Romania and “condemns the violent and disproportionate intervention by the police forces during the protests in Bucharest” in August.


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