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October 2, 2022

The first edition of the Connections events, powered by Telekom Romania, revealed the trends of the future in social media and communication

The first edition of the Connections event, powered by Telekom, has generated a new perspective over the social media phenomenon, highlighted by the speakers of the Let’s talk ethics panel. The subject of this session was the ethics in the digital era and the way the influencers can contribute to creating a safer digital environment.

In the keynote speech, Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer Telekom Romania, presented a series of facts and figures on the social media universe and suggested several trends and perspectives for the whole society, following the adoption of the new 5G technology. “All the social media platforms and consumers’ behaviour will change when 5G will reach its maturity. In 20 years we will talk about one thousand more connected devices and increased coverage for machine to machine devices, and many more. We will then realize that we are now at the same stage as Universul 100 years ago”, Andreas Elsner said on the stage of Connections, during the “Living in the digital era” session.

At his turn, Ed Gillespie (photo), British communicator and entrepreneur, who has developed programs and campaigns in sustainability, globalization and climate changes, brought in a new perspective over the way the communication evolves in the era of technology. “The brands to have success in social media are those standing up through the sustainability of their activities”, Ed Gillespie said.

The ethics in social media has been discussed by Victor Kapra, Petrișor Obae, Alexandru Negrea, Vlad Eftenie, Marian Ionescu, Octavian Palade, Bogdan Nicolai, and Adrian Popescu. During the third session of the day, “Digital Artisans”, the speakers almost created a social media academy, with inspirational subjects and useful recommendations.

On the other hand, asked about the possible closure of the most important social media platform in the world, Alex Negrea said the “influence doesn’t depend upon the platform used, but by the influencer’s authority in a certain area of activity, and this authority comes after a long term positioning process. (…) Moreover, I find wrong to stay hooked to a certain platform.” At his turn , Octavian Palade openly said that “being journalist, the influencer title comes along. I always tried to take advantage of the visibility offered by the media position and I always been aware of the words’ power.

And since social media is by excellence an area where things are spelled by their name, the speakers unveiled also what were the most useful lessons learned in 2017. For example, Victor Kapra noticed that “there was an epidemic multiplication of the agencies, entrepreneurs and organizations requesting without a blink to make them 100% free promotion on projects with a budget. Interesting that they simulate the amazement when you cut their enthusiasm and give them a decided ‘no’.”

And when it comes to budgets, the speakers insisted on creating content and training. “I’d invest the budget in nice stories involving my brand, focusing on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook” – Marian Ionescu. “I’d send all employees, for 3 months, to do their job from the place they are love most, from anywhere in the world, and I’d invite to keep a log with their stories, on the company’s social media channel” – Vlad Eftenie. “I’d invest a part in training for management and employees, on the purpose of preparing them for self-promotion based on a strategy and some procedures. I’d transform the company in a talented publisher, because now most of the managers are promoting a terrible manner their own products” – Victor Kapra.

Connections, powered by Telekom, took place at the Universul Palace – a building full of history, which used to be the headquarters of one of the most read newspapers in the first half of the previous century. The conference represents the first direct contribution of Telekom Romania to the social media universe in our country, the company which stood up with unprecedented initiatives in communication, through projects which involved important names in the music and online.


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