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September 29, 2022

Basescu: The trust in Romania and Romania’s image are seriously damaged in all the important European Cabinets

Former President Traian Basescu stated on Facebook that the atmosphere, image and trust in Romania are seriously damaged at Brussels and in all the important European chancelleries, which is why the only solution to regain the trust is to change the Government.

“If you care about Romania, change the Government! At Brussels and in all the important European chancelleries, the atmosphere about Romania, the country’s image and the trust in Romania are extremely damaged. Even if PSD, ALDE and the Dancila Government would decide to fundamentally change their attitude, the process of regaining the trust would take a long time, and the country doesn’t have that time. You should understand that the country has derailed because of the government. The political solution is to immediately change the Government, whether if another one also led by PSD will be appointed or not, but it has to have new ministers, who are well aware of the European problems”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

He also mentioned that the Executive should include the best people who are not influenced by the Dragnea-Valcov group, and the installation of another Executive would give a hope to our partners that Romania is returning to a normal path.

“The Government should include the best people in the Romanian politics, and the Government should be released of any influence from Dragnea and Valcov. Installing a new Government at Bucharest would relaunch our partners’ hope that Romania will return to its normal path. I know well what is the Europeans’ approach and I understand perfectly that this is the solution. I assure you that a new Government can also discuss with the European Commission about the successful solutions for the rotating EU presidency, as well as on the remarks of the CVM report, while the Dancila Government can no longer discuss anything with anyone in Europe”, the former head of state added.

In another post on the social network, Basescu said that the resolution of the European Parliament (EP) and the CVM report adopted by the European officials will lead to the reduction of the foreign investments, to the increase in the loan interests and to remaining outside the Schengen area, each Romanian being affected, not only the political leaders.


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