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October 5, 2022

CDR expresses its concern about the lack of trust that Romania accumulates towards the European institutions: Trust is a key factor in continuing to attract investments

Following the publication of the European Commission’s report on Romania’s progress under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, the Coalition for Romania’s Development (Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei–CDR) expresses its concern about the lack of trust that Romania accumulates towards the European institutions.

Romania’s activity is directly affected by this regress, in the circumstances in which the trust in the judiciary mechanisms, in the principles of the rule of law and in the European values are essential criteria in deciding to develop new investments.

For the companies operating in Romania, Europe is a stability and growth factor, which is why they will directly benefit from the quick restoration of an efficient and reliable dialogue between the Romanian and European authorities.

The economic growth registered in the recent years is a benefit that is eroded by structural factors such as the lack of labor force, the lack of predictability in making reforms, the regress of the international competitiveness indexes.

At the dawn of the first Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we appreciate that it is highly important that the institutions of the Romanian state will project a credible image that will increase the capital of trust towards the economic opportunities of the Romanian market, being a source of predictability for the future investments.

Also, European Union is a source of stable financing of the public and private development projects that contribute to the economic and social convergence, along with the increase in the domestic productivity and the living standard.

Romania’s adhesion to the European Union also aimed at adopting the practices of the solid democracies and European recommendations, which have been, until today, a source of strengthening and development. Consequently, we ask the Government that the Commission’s recommendations mentioned in the CVM report will be constructively assumed by the Romanian state to quickly regain the trust of our partners, and as a first step in building trust at local and international level.


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