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September 29, 2022

PSD’s NatExCom convenes with Gov’t reshuffle on the agenda. Firea: I await my sentence

Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s National Executive Committee will convene in a meeting on Monday at the Palace of Parliament, at 11 p.m., according to a PSD communique. The agenda of the meeting includes talks on the Government reshuffle, party sources told MEDIAFAX.

During the NatExCom meeting focusing on the Government reshuffle, PSD leaders will analyse an internal report on the fulfilment of the governance programme on fields of activity, and a second report, authored by Premier Viorica Dancila, on the activity of each minister.


Toader: I’m doing my job at the JusMin until the last minute. When a new minister appears in the Official Journal I’ll wait for them, hand over and leave


On Friday, Tudorel Toader stated that he does not know if he is going to be reshuffled but he will do his job at the Justice Ministry until the last minute, and when a new minister appears in the Official Journal he will hand over and leave.

“I’m not taking part in the decision regarding who, when and why will be reshuffled. I’ve said I’m not set in stone there. Of course, I can be reshuffled, but it’s not my decision. I’m doing my job at the Justice Minister until the last minute, when a new minister appears in the Official Journal, I’ll wait for them, hand over and leave. If… At one point that moment will surely come, but I can’t tell you when,” the Justice Minister stated.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici (PSD) stated on November 8, at the Palace of Parliament, referring to the Government reshuffle, that he did not receive reproaches from Premier Viorica Dancila but that a minister cannot solve all problems even if they were to work “continuously, day and night.”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea announced last Monday, at the Palace of Parliament, referring to the NatExCom meeting in which the Social Democrats will discuss the Government reshuffle, that “we will discuss very openly about each minister.”

Transport Minister Lucian Sova (PSD) stated in mid-October, at the Palace of Parliament, that he feels “flattered” that his name is on the Government reshuffle list and pointed out he has nothing to reproach himself with.

In his turn, Deputy Premier Viorel Stefan stated he cannot say beforehand whether he will survive the Government reshuffle, however he pointed out that he stakes on the ASF leadership project for which he filed his bid.


PSD-ALDE Gov’t reshuffle:  Tariceanu supports JusMin, points out he would like more involvement at the Transport Ministry


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE)  President Calin Popescu Tariceanu has stated, against the backdrop in which the PSD will discuss the Government reshuffle during its NatExCom meeting on Monday, that he maintains his statements about the Justice Minister, but he would like to see more active involvement on large projects at the Transport Ministry.

Asked by journalists what will happen at PSD’s National Executive Committee meeting on Monday, the leader of ALDE pointed out that he maintains his position in what concerns Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

“I’m not a soothsayer, but I uphold my statements about Mr Tudorel Toader.”

On the other hand, Calin Popescu Tariceanu pointed out he would like to see more involvement on large infrastructure projects at the Transport Ministry.

“I didn’t level specific criticism in what concerns the Transport Ministry. I would like the Transport Minister – who has a special function on infrastructure development – to be more involved on large projects. There are certain obstacles we notice, obstacles of a legislative and administrative order, which cause these large infrastructure projects to develop slowly,” Tariceanu said.

In this context, the leader of ALDE pointed out that he has had talks with his PSD colleagues about the public procurement law which “has become very ponderous.”

“These days I’ve discussed with my PSD colleagues the current form of the public procurements law, which has become very ponderous. I found out now, recently, that, in line with the public procurement law, a single offer isn’t being made, a technical offer is made first, after which they move on to the financial offer. (…) It’s as if all these procedures are made to delay not only infrastructure works, transport works, but all domains,” Tariceanu said.


Gabriela Firea: I await my sentence at ExCom


Bucharest General Mayor and vice-president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Gabriela Firea stated on Friday that she awaits her sentence at PSD’s Executive Committee meeting and that there will not be surprises in what concerns her situation, since it is known that “the desire” is to have her removed from the leadership of PSD Bucharest and Ilfov because those who disagree with the PSD leader are beheaded.

“I’m waiting for my sentence. I’m waiting for the ExCom to be convened. There won’t be any big surprises. I’ve understood that my situation is decided, and the desire is for me to be left without political offices, president of PSD Bucharest and Ilfov,” Gabriela Firea stated.

Asked whether the two House lawmakers and the Senator who have resigned from the PSD consulted her before their decision, Firea said: “They didn’t consult me, but they told me what they also said publicly, the fact that it’s not statutory, and they wanted to raise the alarm about the non-statutory manner in which I’m belittled, the fact that Mr Dragnea is calling up mayors, parliamentarians, and proposes that they take my offices, with me not removed from offices. Mr Dragnea’s concern is how to remove Firea. I understand that the parliamentarians who have resigned have publicly stated this. We should ask ourselves why they did this. All party presidents allowed others to have voices too. All those who disagree with Dragnea are beheaded,” Gabriela Firea added.

Corina-Alexandra Bogaciu and Constantin-Catalin Zamfira, both House lawmakers elected in Ilfov County, announced several days ago their resignation from the PSD and from the party’s parliamentary group, being set to activate as non-affiliated MPs from now on. Senator Emanuel-Gabriel Botnariu also joined them in resigning from the party.


“Dragnea will convene ExCom only when he has the votes needed to remove me”


Gabriela Firea stated that she is convinced that PSD’s Executive Committee will be convened when Liviu Dragnea has all the votes needed to remove her from party leadership offices, emphasising that the PSD leader has met several colleagues for this purpose.

“Several colleagues have been summoned to Mr Dragnea. I understand that he allocates 70 percent of his time to Gabriela Firea. He has time to meet parliamentarians, the mayors from Ilfov. Within the ExCom I’ll be criticised, someone will potentially propose it and it will be adopted. It’s predictable. (…) I’m convinced that he will convene the ExCom only when he has the votes needed to remove me,” Gabriela Firea stated.

During the previous PSD National Executive Committee meeting, the Social Democrats voted to exclude Adrian Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu.



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