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June 28, 2022

Senator Tutuianu attacks in court exclusion from PSD

Senator Adrian Tutuianu announced on Friday that he has lodged with the courts a request to suspend the PSD National Executive Committee decision to exclude him from the party, stating that the rumours regarding his joining a different party are stoked by the “camarilla” of PSD Dambovita acting leader Rovana Plumb.

“I find myself in a difficult personal situation; the exclusion means disregarding 20 years of work within the PSD, work I don’t intend to give up very easily. I inform you that even though 11-12 days have passed since the sanction was enforced, the National Executive Committee’s decision has not yet been relayed to me or to the county branch. Likewise, the decision regarding the appointment of an acting president of the county branch hasn’t been relayed either. (…) Yesterday I lodged with the Dambovita Tribunal a request to suspend the enforcement of the decision taken by PSD’s NatExCom, dated 5 November 2018, decision to have me excluded from the PSD. I’ve requested the suspension of this decision until a final decision is ruled in the dossier whose object is the request to cancel the PSD NatExCom decision dated 5 November 2018,” Senator Adrian Tutuianu stated at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, the decision was taken in violation of the PSD statute, because the vote was not secret as it should have been according to “juridical symmetry” and the exclusion decision is not substantiated.

Tutuianu has accused the “camarilla” of acting PSD Dambovita leader Rovana Plumb of launching false rumours about him.

“To put an end to the specific rumour mill in the county, intensely promoted by some, I would like to tell you several issues of principle. I was, am and will be a centre-left man. I will use all statutory and legal means to rejoin the PSD. Thirdly, I did not negotiate, am not negotiating and I don’t plan to negotiate my transfer to any other political party. Not Pro Romania, not ALDE, PNL, UDMR or the Roma Party. I will remain an independent senator until I will exhaust all statutory and legal means of attack that would allow me to rejoin the PSD. This whole rumour mill is directed by the camarilla that today surrounds Ms Rovana Plumb and Securitate man Oprea in order to confuse things even more within PSD Dambovita,” the Senator pointed out.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on November 8, at the Palace of Parliament, that he took note of the resolutions of PSD Ialomita and PSD Dambovita but that it is “unlikely” that the NatExCom would reconsider the decision to exclude Marian Neacsu and Adrian Tutuianu.

House lawmakers Oana Vladuca and Carmen Holban (PSD), both elected in Dambovita County, wrote on Facebook on November 6 that the county branch was efficient in the elections under the leadership of Adrian Tutuianu. The messages came the day after the Social Democrat, former PSD Vice President and leader of PSD Dambovita, was excluded from the party.

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