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August 7, 2022

The International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theater kicked off: Performances from 13 countries

The International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theater ImPuls brings to the Tandarica Theater of Bucharest animation and visual arts performances from 13 countries, between November 19 and 28.

The International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theater ImPuls, which has reached its 14th edition, is addressed to all ages and aims at bringing to the Romanian public’s attention various styles of contemporary animation and visual theater in the world.

There are over 70 events scheduled under the festival, which includes animation shows, interactive workshops, book launches and the Tandarica Urban Camp at the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Bucharest, on November 21.

ImPuls presents to the Bucharest public performances from China, Chile, Russia, Spain, UK, Italy, Latvia, Japan, South Africa, USA, Denmark, Sweden and Romania, which are extremely different in style, combining contemporary and innovative visual and animation theater techniques.

Along with the international spectrum, the national participation is also significant, the best productions of the current season of this kind of theaters in Romania being selected”, according to the organizers.

Under this edition, there will be held the international conference “The importance of animation: key values in and beyond contemporary theater for children”, an even co-organized for the first time by three professional associations of the theater world: the International Association of the Theater Critics (AICT), THE International Association of Theater for Children and Youth (ASSITEJ), and the International Puppetry Association (UNIMA). On November 23 and 24, specialists from Romania and from abroad will have a critical debate on topical themes of the animation theater, in a series of presentations and debates moderated by Octavian Saiu, who is a professor, researcher and theater critic.

The Manager of Tandarica Theater, Calin Mocanu, described the event as follows: “A festival certainly is an opportunity for communication, a platform for collaboration and dialogue. In fact, that’s what me and my colleagues agreed at our previous meetings. Communication between us, the theaters and institutions in the field of animation and visual arts, partnerships that bring together artistic and cultural energies, and concrete exchange of experience: theater directors and scenographers working together, two or more theaters collaborating for a single project. Contemporary art needs communication and international exposure, dialogue, exchange of experience, the possibility to be selected in festivals”.

ImPuls is a professional contest festival dedicated to the audience of all ages, were the contemporary trends of the visual and animation theater from Romania and abroad are strengthened and promoted. The festival is attended by outstanding world-class personalities who speak about the latest animation techniques and researches, presenting their own projects as an example. The festival has a platform that generates cultural exchanges, communication between artists and specialized institutions, partnerships, and the opportunity of national, international and intercontinental co-productions.

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