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May 19, 2021

PNL’s Orban: We will definitely table no-confidence motion in the current parliamentary session

The National Liberal Party (PNL) is negotiating with MPs of the Social Democratic Party (PSD ), and also with other political parties to support a no-confidence vote, PNL national leader Ludovic Orban said on Saturday.

He stated on Saturday, in a press conference in Iasi, that the negotiations with Social Democrat MPs  for supporting the no-confidence motion are held depending on the developments inside PSD, mentioning that he cannot say what he will put on the table at these discussions, but there are solutions.

“We are conducting the negotiations in the light of all the developments inside PSD as well. I cannot say now what our stakes are in the negotiations with PSD, but rest assured that we have solutions, it is actual action and vote. If the elected PSD official do not have the courage to vote, it means they are tools,” said Orban.

The head of PNL believes that the Opposition can take advantage of the dissatisfaction that exists inside PSD, but the problem is how many PSD MPs will have the courage to vote the motion.

“There is a critical mass and a deep dissatisfaction among the PSD MPs who understand that Dragnea is leading PSD to collapse. Unfortunately, fear, cowardice, the lack of responsibility hinder many people to act according to what they are thinking”, Orban added.

He added that the no-confidence vote also depends on the lawmakers of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romanian (UDMR) and PSD’s ruling coalition partner’s Alliance of Liberal and Democrats (ALDE).

“We hope that this time UDMR will take into account the will of the Hungarian population. We expect them to act accordingly, and we have the same expectations from ALDE, even if the expectations as far as Mr Tariceanu is concerned are very low. Unfortunately, for some years Tariceanu has become even more zealous in supporting [PSD national leader] Dragnea’s infamies than PSD member. Unfortunately, for a few years, Tariceanu plays the role of Guta Tatatrascu and he is even more zealous than many PSD members in supporting the wickedness initiated by Dragnea. We can take votes also from the ALDE area”, Orban said.

The PNL leader also said that “any other Government is better that this miserable Government”.

Asked when the no-confidence will be tabled, Orban stated that the motion will definitely be tabled in the current parliamentary session.

“I cannot say exactly on which day, as you know so well, there are some people who are announcing the motion since September 1. If we would have taken them into account, we would have tabled the motion without any chance, and today we wouldn’t have had any pressure instrument against the governmental majority. Assiduous negotiations are underway. Everyone needs to know that for the success of the motion 67 more MPs have to vote for. We have not reached the number yet, we are still negotiating. We will certainly table the motion in the current parliamentary session, we will most likely determine how the negotiations go along after December 1,” Orban told a news conference in Iasi.

UDMR’s Attila Korodi stated for RFI that no one from PNL or USR talked to him in the recent period, in order to obtain the support of the Alliance in relation to the no-confidence motion that Opposition wants to table. However, he mentioned that his party is open to talks and that in order to obtain the support, there are certain requirements that must be met, but he doesn’t think that today the situation is so clear that the Parliament can make such a step.


PNL MP: A no-confidence motion is required during the period in which the 2019 budget will be discussed by the Parliament


PNL MP Iancu Caracota stated that a no-confidence motion against the Executive is required during the period in which the 2019 budget will be discussed by the Parliament. The Liberal added that on the occasion of the most recent budget revision, the PSD-ALDE Government has cut funds from Education, Research, Transport.

“Some of the European Union’s Community budget priorities for 2018 were the research, Education and the Infrastructure development. Yet, at the most recent budget revision, the PSD-ALDE Government has cut funds exactly from Research, Education and Transport, which shows the gap between the phase in which the current government is, and Romania’s interests and European priorities. The money allocated to Education, Research and Transport has been redirected to the Finance Ministry, mainly to pay the state\s debts and interests”, Iancu Caracota stated in a press release sent on Sunday to Mediafax.

“Government’s decision to take money from the important ministries in order to pay its debts clearly shows that the future budget, the one for the year 2019, must be carefully built, so that the Romanian state will avoid a budget crisis, given that all the competent voices in the domestic and international economic environment expect a major financial crisis abroad. The announced world economic recession must be prevented by the Government by balanced measures that assure a controllable budget deficit and a rational management of public money”, Caracota added.

However, the PNL Senator is skeptical about the capability of the Government to build a sustainable 2019 budget for the economy.

“Due to populist reasons, it is unlikely that the current government can build a Budget for the coing year which will be sustainable for the Romanian economy! In this unfavorable domestic political context for the Romanian economy, PNL will fill a no-confidence motion in the period in which the 2019 Budget will be discussed by the Parliament, coming with our own economic projection. PNL’s solutions will be based on the observance of the European Fiscal Compact, a treaty that prevents political slippages that grant electoral benefits with destabilizing consequences on a long term. PNL will also propose through its budgetary projection, that approximately 5% of the GDP will be allocated to the investment field”, Iancu Caracota also said.

He concluded that a national long-term pact ensuring a reasonable percentage for investments through the national budget is required.

“As a Romanian senator, I am pleading for the necessity of a long-term national pact by which the national Budget will ensure a reasonable percentage for investments. Together with accessing European funds, the state’s investments are a precautionary pillar in order to have a long-term economic development and an increased level of safety in case of an international economic crisis”, the Liberal explained.



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