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December 7, 2021

Romania-France Cultural Season, inaugurated by President Iohannis and President Macron

President Klaus Iohannis and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron inaugurated on Tuesday in Paris the Romania-France Cultural Season.

An event that is included in the Roadmap of the Bilateral Strategic Partnership, the Romania-France Season will involve over 400 projects, both in France (November 28, 2018 – April 17, 2019) and in Romania (April 18-14 July 2019). The Romania-France Season proposes to the public cultural events, but also events in the fields of education and innovation, economy and entrepreneurship, gastronomy, tourism and sports, as well as cooperation between local communities.

The inauguration of the series of events took place at the “Georges Pompidou” National Center for Art and Culture. The two presidents visited the exhibitions of artists Ciprian Muresan and Serban Savu and the installation of Adrian Ghenie “The Darwin Room 2013-2014”, which reproduces Rembrandt’s work “Philosopher in Meditation”.

“The Romania-France Season was born with the dowry of our common heritage of ideals and aspirations, and proposes a generous and inclusive project open to ideas in dialogue. We have in the six months to come a festival of the memory that connects us, but also a forum of contemporary creation, innovation and entrepreneurship, and I invite the Romanians and the French people to enjoy these events,” Iohannis said in the address given during the inaugural ceremony. “By promoting cultural dialogue, we only defend a Europe of ideas, values and freedom, to the detriment of the spectrum of hatred, intolerance and populism. By firmly refusing internal divisions and toxic ideologies, we may have a Europe in which the expression of liberty is not only in museums, theaters and galleries, but in society,” Iohannis said.

The Romanian president emphasized the influence of France on the culture of our country.

“The France – Romania Cultural Season aims to be a tribute brought to this reality, while at the same time provoking today’s generations of creators to infuse with new meanings the dynamic of the exchanges between the two cultures, including through an authentic, honest and topical discourse, that the ones and the others at present. We therefore wish to find the young people in as many of the events that will follow in France and in Romania from now until July 14, 2019,” Klaus Iohannis added.

He reminded that Romania will celebrate its Centenary three days from now and that one century ago Romanians united around the universal humanist values and democratic ideals that France had widely spread in the Western world.

“Through its envoys in Romania, many of whom died in the line of duty, France proved to be an ally and a model. Today we celebrate joint history, including through this programme that is starting in Paris. It is not by chance that we find ourselves today in the country in which the international recognition of the Great Union took place. It was an ideal obtained through sacrifice and vision, placed in the service of national unity, but also in the spirit of a Europe of peace. It is, consequently, a privilege and a reason of joy to share with France the commitment to a project in which our countries find themselves once again united like brothers: the European Union,” Klaus Iohannis stated.

He stated that just one month from now Romania will take over, for the first time, the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union, at a time when our country plans to celebrated, alongside France, the values that form the basis of the European Union, via a joint cultural project.

“The Season will reaffirm our conviction in the viability of capitalising on diversity in joint spirit and through a joint European future. The slogan of the Romanian Revolution of 1848, adapted by the Romanian students in Paris from the slogan of the French Revolution, was “Justice and Brotherhood.” 170 years later, we recall this slogan, sublimed in our joint patrimony of values and commitments,” the President said, deeming that “by promoting cultural dialogue we are only defending a Europe of ideas, of values and of freedom, at the expense of the spectre of hatred, intolerance and populism,” adding that “by firmly refusing internal divisions and toxic ideologies, we will be able to have a Europe in which the expression of freedom is reflected not only in museums, theatres and galleries, but also in society.”

He added that the relationship between Romania and France stands out in the cultural field through the specific way in which our traditions are reconverted into modernity and shared by creators in a universal discourse, and “the Season will show that our nations have all reasons to invest in culture and creativity, to plan new platforms for cultural dialogue, on which to build their European future.”


Macron:  It is the first season that France organizes with a country in the EU


The French President, Emmanuel Macron, also underlined the symbolic character of the Romania – France Cultural Season.

“It is the first season that France organizes with a country in the EU. This is in line with my deep conviction that sometimes we, among Europeans, we do not know frequent each other enough, we often think that Europe is just Brussels. It is Brussels, but also our mutual imaginary and our bilateral relations. It is an important symbol for me, more than a year after my visit to Romania, that together we can have this initiative. Culture is a deep bond of Europe,” the French president stated.

He specified that the Cultural Season will illustrate the historical ties between the two countries because it aims at celebrating the Centennial of Modern Romania.

“We have a great chance, namely, that we are not exactly the same. Culture can allow us to rediscover ourselves, where we have only evoked in the last few years the topics about the differences deemed as disabilities. Europe is multi-faceted and represents a chance,” Macron said.

Prior to the ceremony, President Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen Ionahhis, participated at the Invalids’ Dome in the concert dedicated to commemorating those who fell in World War I. The concert was performed by the Madrigal Choir and the Instrumental Ensemble in Paris, conducted by Christian Ciuca, and they played “Requiem” by Gabriel Faurre.

On this occasion, the common stamp with the effigy of General Berthelot, in the context of the Greater Union Centennial celebration, was released

The head of the Romanian state was welcomed with a military ceremony at Les Invalides. He was greeted by French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

Also on Tuesday, the presidents of Romania and France held  tete-a-tete talks at the Elysee Palace, aimed at confirming the special character of the bilateral relationship, deepening the Strategic Partnership, strengthening the economic cooperation and the role of the Romanian community in France. At the same time, there was an exchange of views on the topical themes of the EU agenda, including in the context of the preparations for the exercising of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, namely the international and security agenda.

President Klaus Iohannis also attended  the lunch offered by his French counterpart in his honor, as well as the signing ceremony of the updated Declaration of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and France.

The organization of the Romania – France Cultural Season was agreed upon at the meeting held in Paris on February 10, 2015 between the President of Romania and the President of the French Republic.


“Romania’s Season at Pompidou Center”, an extraordinary laboratory of artistic creativity


The Brancusi workshop with an installation from Mihai Alos, the dialogue created between Matisse and Pallady around the “Romanian Blouse”, as well as over 50 pieces of Andrei Cadere (1934-1978), which will be permanently displayed – are some of the cultural “offers” within Romania’s Season at the Pompidou Center in Paris.

According to a press release sent on Tuesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) to AGERPRES, for six months, “Romania’s Season at the Pompidou Center” will highlight, through the presented pieces, an extraordinary laboratory of artistic creativity, equally intimate and deep, through some founding figures of artistic modernism and avant-garde, the museum following to unveil the wealth of history in exhibitions, installations and themed journeys.

“The Brancusi workshop is one of the main attractions of the Season, with an installation of Mihai Olos (1940-2015). A novel exhibition will present the dialogue created between Matisse and Pallady around the “Romanian Blouse”, and over 50 pieces of Andrei Cadere (1934-1978) will be permanently displayed. At the same time, the Ponctuations journey will be marked by pieces of Mircea Cantor, Victor Man, Bratescu, Brudascu or Grigorescu. The Focus Space will host “Heros-Limite”, a presentation of the works of Gherasim Luca (1919-1994), and the Zero Gallery will present another dialogue, this time between Ciprian Muresan and Serban Savu,” MAE specifies.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to discover an installation signed by Adrian Ghenie, whose work revolutionized the contemporary art scene at global level.

In the spring of 2019, another two exhibitions will be inaugurated, Ciprian Muresan and Serban Savu, at the Bucharest Workshop, but also the monograph of the work of Isidore Isou (1925-2007).

The general public will be able to visit “Romania’s Season at the Pompidou Center” as of Wednesday.


Presidents Iohannis, Macron sign political statement on Strategic Partnership. France pledges support to Romania’s Schengen bid


President Klaus Iohannis and French President Emmanuel Macron signed on Tuesday at the Elysee Palace a political statement on the two states’ Strategic Partnership.

The document states that Romania and France will jointly define and implement a new roadmap for the development of policies of common interest for the next four years.

Regarding cooperation within the European Union, the document states that France will provide to Romania full support during the latter’s term at the helm of the EU Council.

The two countries commit to stepping up their dialogue on European affairs, both bilaterally and with other European partners, particularly in the Romania-France-Germany trilateral format, the document reads, setting forth that the two countries will continue to consult on the consolidation of the Schengen area, and France will further support Romania’s efforts to join the free movement area.

Cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries and EU’s Southern Neighborhood is another subject covered by the statement, with Romania and France undertaking to continue to act in favor of the internal reform process and of strengthening the resilience of these countries to internal and external threats; the Republic of Moldova’s joining the European Union will be handled with special attention.

Further, Romania and France declare support to decentralized cooperation, deepening economic cooperation, strengthening cooperation in innovation, developing cooperation on production, transport and energy efficiency, civil nuclear exploitation, as well as culture and education.

As regards defense, security and international cooperation, the two countries call on Europeans to step up their efforts towards creating a stronger and safer Europe.

Romania and France argue that the creation of a European Defense Fund and the launch of Permanent Structured Cooperation will favor technological and industrial cooperation and will allow the creation of a competitive and innovative European industrial and technological defense base with specific support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The two countries also emphasize their commitment to NATO.

The Strategic Partnership between Romania and France was concluded in 2008.

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