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January 20, 2021

Tomac: I don’t believe we have chances to still topple Gov’t at this moment

The Opposition no longer has chances to topple the Dancila Government via no-confidence motion, Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Eugen Tomac stated on Monday for RFI. He does not believe the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Save Romania Union (USR) will table the motion by December 1st.

Eugen Tomac says that the Opposition missed two good opportunities to table the no-confidence motion.

“On the first day of this parliamentary session we proposed tabling a no-confidence motion, because that was what society was waiting from the Opposition. After the population was repressed in a manner unseen since the Revolution, we were thinking that the best moment and way we could express ourselves was via a no-confidence motion. We didn’t manage to convince the Opposition parties back then. Likewise, 70 days after the start of the parliamentary session, when there was once again a powerful crisis within the PSD (…), we once again believed that that was the right moment to table a motion. We also presented it to our Opposition colleagues, bearing a very clear title: ‘Dancila Government – a blessing for Liviu Dragnea, a curse for Romanians.’ There was also the CVM report and the EP resolution,” Tomac argued.

The leader of the Popular Movement Party does not believe a no-confidence motion still has chances to pass.

“Unfortunately, I regret to say this and I say it because I have this political responsibility, I don’t believe we have chances to topple the Government from now on, because we missed the two appropriate moments (…) namely after August 10 and when the PSD was gripped by maximum tension and there were sufficient votes to topple the Dancila Government. We will support it, no matter when it is tabled, but I have this obligation to be lucid and honest and I don’t believe we have chances to still topple the Government at this moment, because we missed the two opportunities,” Tomac said.


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