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January 23, 2022

1,600 military, 150 technical means, 23 aircraft, 21-gun salute at 1 December ceremony in Alba Iulia

As many as 21-gun salute will be executed during the military ceremony staged on the National Day in Alba Iulia, in which 1,600 military, 23 aircraft and 150 technical means, from complexes of antiaircraft missiles to mobile radars, will participate, according to a release sent on Tuesday to Agerpres by the Gemina 4th Infantry Division Cluj-Napoca.

All the staff and means planned to participate in the ceremonies of 30 November and 1 December in the “City of Greater Union” were deployed in Alba Iulia, Deva, Sibiu and Turda, and general rehearsals and training are to be carried out for the best development of the events.

Thus, on Tuesday a lot of front reviews with staff and technique took place within the Alba Iulia military barracks. Likewise, under the command of the Head of the Land Forces Staff, General Liviu Ovidiu Uifaleanu, and the head of the Gemina 4th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Virgil Ovidiu Pop several technical coordination sessions of all structures with the defence system, public order and national security involved in the organisation of the tribute events on the National Day in Alba Iulia, were carried out.

The first general training will take place on Wednesday, due to kick off at 13:30 in the “1 Decembrie 1918” Blvd. venue in Alba Iulia, at least a joint parade of all the detachments with troops and technique and several troops’ parade being scheduled.

Other training, at the monumental ensembles in the Greater Union’s Monument included are to take place on Thursday, after a schedule to be announced in due time, the source adds.

On Friday, military ceremonies will take place at the statues of Ionel Bratianu, Iuliu Maniu, Mihai Viteazul, King Ferdinand and Queen Maria, following that almost 100 military and students with the Gemina 4th Infantry Division, the Mihai Viteazul National Military College, respectively, to attend the National Flag’s raising in the Tricolour Square.

Military will also be present in the wreaths laying ceremony at the tombs of Samoila Marza, “the Union’s photographer” and Ion Arion, “the Union’s martyr”.

On Saturday, with 15:30 in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, a military ceremony will take place in the “1 Decembrie 1918” Blvd. area, technically through the tradition, the parade being the main point of attraction of the events of 1 December.

As many as 23 detachments will parade on foot counting for rd 1,600 staff with the National Defence Ministry (Land Forces Major Staff, Air Forces Major Staff, the Communications and Information Command and the Command for Special Operations Forces), the Home Affairs Ministry, the Justice Ministry (National Penitentiaries Administration) and the Romanian Intelligence Service. Moreover, 18 wheel parading detachments will participate in the ceremony with approximately 150 technical means (armored amphibious conveyors, reactive missile throwers, various antiaircraft artillery complexes, self-propelled included, complexes of antiaircraft missiles, ground-to-air missile systems, anti-mine special vehicles, cannons and various caliber throwers, communication and computer-based systems, special operations’ forces’ battle technique, mobile radars, special vehicles of other structures in the defense system, public order and national security).

The area will be flown over by 23 military aircraft (IAR-330 Puma helicopters, C-27J Spartan airplanes, IAR-99 Soim, F-16 Fighting Falcon).

On foot and embarked Polish Army’s formations will be found in the ceremony block.

During the parade of the troops, 21-gun salute will be fired, the Gemina 4th Infantry Division Information Bureau says.

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