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February 4, 2023

PNL’s Orban: Deadline for tabling no-confidence motion, December 10-12

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that December 10-12 is the deadline for the Opposition to table the no-confidence motion, adding that the Opposition must use any opportunity to put an end to this Government.

“So, as deadline, December 10-12 will be the tabling of the motion. Of course, we will continue the discussions, we are trying to convince as many parliamentarians as possible to support the no-confidence motion. This is the objective,” Ludovic Orban stated for B1TV.

The leader of Liberals recalled that the votes of another 67 parliamentarians are needed for the no-confidence motion to pass.

“We are trying to use any opportunity that appears to put an end to this Government, using all the levers, all the weapons that the Opposition has at its disposal,” Orban added.

Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Monday that she does not fear the no-confidence motion prepared by the Opposition because she trusts her party and ruling coalition colleagues, and also because she has fulfilled most of the points of the governance programme.

“I don’t fear a no-confidence motion. I trust all of my colleagues, in the ruling coalition, and I am confident that I’ve implemented most of the things from the governance programme,” Viorica Dancila stated at the end of PSD’s National Political Bureau meeting on Monday.

In his turn, asked whether the no-confidence motion is making him nervous, PSD President Liviu Dragnea said: “I don’t think they have chances,” pointing out that he trusts that PSD MPs will not vote for the motion.

PNL President Ludovic Orban had stated on Saturday, in Iasi, that the Opposition will establish, after December 1st, the date on which they will table the no-confidence motion against the Government, pointing out that the PNL is yet to secure the number of parliamentarians needed to bring down the Dancila Cabinet.

Orban also emphasised that he relies on UDMR, PSD and ALDE parliamentarians for the no-confidence motion to pass.

On the other hand, Ludovic Orban admitted on November 19 that PSD-ALDE-UDMR currently hold 62 percent of the seats in Parliament, while in the Senate the Social Democrats hold the majority on their own.

Referring to this topic, PMP Senator Traian Basescu stated on Sunday, for RomaniaTV, that a part of the Opposition does not really want a no-confidence motion against the Government, adding sarcastically that maybe the motion will be tabled on New Year’s Eve, on Christmas, or maybe on Easter next year.


Orban vs. Ciolos: I don’t understand his political interests. I seriously wonder to what extent he understands who our opponent is


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday evening that he does not understand the political interests of Dacian Ciolos, who “hasn’t even registered his party,” stating that it is easier for the ex-Premier “to opine” while “watching TV and eating popcorn.”

“He doesn’t matter in this equation (against the backdrop of the no-confidence motion – editor’s note). I don’t understand his political interests, because he hasn’t even registered his party so far. It’s indeed odd that he has been attacking the PNL and USR for some time now. He has attacked the USR too, he has said it is a niche party. He doesn’t have a party… I like him, he makes appraisals… It’s harder to get on the field and play football for 90 minutes, to have results… This way, watching TV and eating popcorn, it’s easier to opine, to give advice. But it’s not relevant. At this moment he has no relevance in what concerns the political battle, except that he makes a posting from time to time,” Ludovic Orban stated for B1TV.

He said he has not communicated with Dacian Ciolos lately.

“I seriously wonder to what extent he nevertheless understands that our opponent is the current ruling coalition, especially the inappropriate relations – at the limit of the law – interwoven inside this structure that illegitimately dominates today’s ruling power in Romania,” Orban added.




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