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August 10, 2022

CDR’s team works for Romania’s public policies improvement

Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei (CDR) was created five years ago as a dialogue platform with the public authorities meant to bridge the needs of the private and public sectors for a healthy and sustainable socio-economic development of Romania. CDR proved to be a reliable business partner of discussion, a pool of technical expertise, a strong business association that advocates for predictability, transparency and stability in the framework of the European values to which Romania has adhered for many years already.

CDR gathers 45 organizations and associated members, representing over 54,000 companies and 1.2 million employees, where high-qualified experts are working on a voluntary basis to offer their assistance within 13 Task Forces that focus on priorities regarding 4 main long-term objectives: investments, de-bureaucratization, taxation and labour force.

Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României (CDR) represents a unifying voice of the business environment, a much-needed pillar of stability and coherence, in a period when they are needed more than ever.

As the largest Romanian business platform, CDR is focusing on the constant improvement of public policies that are delaying or blocking Romania’s development, being alert in a time of declining economic growth, with a structural deficit of labour force that may impede the socio-economic balance.

During the last few months, the business environment expressed more vocally its views on a wide range of topics that  influence Romania’s competitiveness and attractiveness.

CDR is militating for a solid and predictable legislative framework and fiscal policies that will encourage investments. Through its position papers, official and advocacy actions with all its stakeholders, CDR is working to promote  efficient public consultation and transparency, which are the necessary ingredients needed to enhance all public policies.

Without extensive infrastructure, a good health system, a long term strategy on  education, we cannot assure a solid future for the next generations. CDR is strongly supporting the beneficial ties with the European Union, a source of rule-of-law, know-how and financial capacity for systemic projects that Romania needs. Coalitia is  advocating for strategic priorities in the EU Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027.

Being an active actor, CDR constantly proposes to authorities concrete measures to mitigate the labour force deficit and the gap  between the needed competencies of  the labour market versus the supply delivered by the education system.

”As coordinator of this trustworthy platform, I am glad to contribute alongside my colleagues to the improvement of the economic climate. The celebration of the Centenary, being just before taking over the Presidency of the European Council, should represent a time of both hopes for the future and constructive emotions, as we are all aware of the complex context which we are going through. The CDR solid team made up of Romanian entrepreneurs and foreign investors is voluntarily involved in  building the Romania of  tomorrow”, says Adela Jansen.

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