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July 31, 2021

Dancila Cabinet convenes in solemn meeting in Alba Iulia, passes Agreement for supporting Education. Prime Minister signs Alba Iulia Resolution: We call on Romanian nation to open new century of real unity

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the members of her cabinet convened in a solemn meeting to celebrate the National Day of Romania in the centennial year of the Greater Union of December 1, 1918, in Alba Iulia on Thursday.

The meeting took at the Alba Carolina Fortress, the Union Hall.

At the end of the meeting, Dancila participated in the signing ceremony of agreements between the government and the teacher’s trade unions as well as between the government and the Federation of Construction Employers.

She then signed the Carolina Fortress guestbook.

The solemn meeting of the government was preceded by a visit by Premier Dancila to the Union Monument in Alba Iulia and a meeting with Archbishop Irineu Pop of Alba Iulia. At the same time, she attended a wreath laying ceremony at Mihai Viteazul’s equestrian statue.


Government passes Agreement for supporting Education



The agreement between the Government and the Federation of Representative Education Trade Unions, under which the Government pledges to take action to support education, in keeping with the priority role of this area, provided for in the government program, was adopted on Thursday, by memorandum, in a solemn meeting in Alba Iulia.

According to a Government release, the agreement was signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and the leaders of the representative education trade unions: Anton Hadar, Alma Mater National Federation Trade Union President, Simion Hancescu, President of the Federation of Education Free Unions, and Marius Nistor, President of the Spiru Haret Education Union.

The agreement has in view increasing the funding for education by at least 15pct annually compared to the previous year’s budget so as to reach at least 6pct of GDP and “bringing forward to 1 September 2020 the salary increase planned until 2022”.

The document provides for “the granting of two gross salary per year for personal development and teaching materials” and “the granting of up to 5,000 euro for the purchase and modernization of a dwelling, as well as the purchasing of the necessary land for the construction, for teachers in rural areas.”

According to the agreement, teachers with an actual education service of at least 30 years “receive six gross average salaries at retirement”.

The text approved by the Government also stipulates “the setting up of a single development account through which all universities can start / complete investment projects” and “the construction of at least 1,000 kindergartens with a sports program”.


The Executive  approves establishment of “Unirea” Agri-Food Trade Office


The government approved on Thursday the establishment of the Romanian Agri-Food Trade Office “Unirea”, a trading company tasked with creating a national mechanism to ensure the purchase, sorting, primary processing, standardization and distribution to domestic or export trade networks of agri-food products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) announced in a release.

The new entity is designed to make a pro-active contribution to the implementation of the national agricultural policy by capitalizing in an integrated and comprehensive manner on Romania’s agricultural potential, in keeping with the strategic directions of the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the provisions of the Governing Program.

The Agri-Food Trade Office is based on three structuring and development pillars: a nationwide network of agricultural clusters that will integrate the local agricultural production resources and specific services in one or several Administrative Territorial Units, and will incorporate at least one product collection/distribution center.

“The basic function of the local cluster is to provide farmers with quality inputs (seed material, seedlings, livestock breeds, agro-chemical products, mechanization services, human and financial resources), but also to ensure the purchase on the spot, for a fair market price, of all the resulting agricultural products,” the release states.

Another pillar is represented by a network of regional silage, storage and industrial processing centres, the basic function of such a centre being that of ensuring the proper sorting, packaging and storage of agricultural products in the quantities, assortments and quality required for their rhythmical promotion in domestic commercial networks, but also their quota amounts for major export operations. Both the market’s supply with fresh quality products and the products’ added value through industrial processing and preservation methods will be monitored in these centres.

The creation of a national store network is also envisaged, mainly in high-consumption centers, capable of supplying the domestic market with home-grown fresh and processed agri-food products, thus contributing to balancing sectoral trade.

The Romanian Agri-Food Trade Office “Unirea” will promote strategic orientations such as: the intensive integration of research & innovation results and best practices in all processes, including by capitalizing on Romania’s rich tradition in this field; attracting the farmers into the regulated and taxed economic circuit and stimulating the associative milieu; the full computerization of processes from production to management, including the implementation of a functional system to ensure the traceability of specific products; increasing skills and specialization in agri-food production and processing, thus contributing to the development of the sectoral labor market.

The company’s entry into the economic circuit can ensure a higher efficiency and effectiveness of support to Romanian farmers and products in foreign markets, but can also satisfy the domestic market’s demand, MADR notes.


Alba Iulia Resolution: We call on Romanian nation to open new century of real unity


The Government calls on the Romanian nation, at the opening of a “new century of real unity, in the fullest brotherly harmony, in tolerance and good neighborliness,” reads the Alba Iulia Resolution, signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

“For the future that is laid out in front of us, we have the sacred duty of defending and enriching the treasure trove of the Greater Union received from our forefathers. We thus call forth, in the year of the nation’s Centennial, all Romanians to continue, with brotherly unity, the historic construction of the Greater Romania cathedral. We will have to cultivate and cherish even more the symbols of our national culture – some of them, peaks of universal culture – spiritual values meant to always inspire our becoming and motivating our shared actions, on which the future of the Romanian nation will be based. With this faith, we call today the entire Romanian nation to open together a new century of real unity, in the fullest and most brotherly harmony, in tolerance and good neighborliness,” says the Government’s Resolution Alba Iulia, signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila.

The Resolution was read on Thursday, during the solemn Government sitting in Alba Iulia, by professor Daniel Fonoage.

“In the 100 years since the Greater Union, through Romanians working together, regardless of their political beliefs, faiths, ethnic identity or confession, we achieved a dream the parents and grandparents of our nation barely dared to hope: integrating United Romania in the space of democracy, of freedom and national security, through the accession to the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance (…) With the same humbleness showed one century ago by the signatories of the 1918 Resolution, we bow today before our brave heroes that made the Greater Union possible and the martyrs that defended it in the following years!” the Resolution shows.

“Today, the Romanians’ heart is much larger than the borders established in 1918, because this heart beats everywhere in the world. But the 100 years of a millennial history’s accomplishment give us an inner strength of the pride of being Romanian. No matter where we are now, or in the next centuries, we will always be tied by our Romanian blood and by our Romanian language. The commitment of the Romanian state towards its own citizens will have to be doubled by the debt towards those who, around our country’s borders today, identify themselves as being Romanians and who keep within their families our culture and language as a sacred heritage,” the Resolution underlines

“The duty that we, the people of today have, is to develop the country, to invest more in what can make us better, in our education, in everybody’s health, in developing the country’s infrastructure, whose beauties and riches we pride ourselves with. We strongly believe that Romania will be better, more democratic and more prosperous, upon meeting the new Centennial, through the efforts made by all Romanians. Happy anniversary Romania!”, the Resolution signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila further shows.

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