Enescu’s “Oedipe”, a Show dedicated to Romania’s National Day, on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera

On Thursday, November 29, and on Saturday, December 1, at 6:30 PM, Bucharest National Opera will present “Oedipe” by George Enescu – a Show dedicated to Romania’s National Day, directed by Valentina Carrasco; scenery was made by Blanca Aňón, costume design by Barbara Del Piano, video by Esterina Zarillo, and lighting design by Peter van Praet.

The conductor’s desk will host Maestro Tiberiu Soare. Choirmaster Daniel Jinga, Children Choirmaster Smaranda Morgovan. With the participation of the Orchestra, the Choir and the Ballet Ensemble of the Bucharest National Opera.

“I like this idea – belonging to Nietzche – according to which gods are like children, playing amused with our lives. They involve themselves in this game, like children when they are focused on the game, and they can change their minds very quickly, without any explanation. That’s why our lives may seem so chaotic or meaningless sometimes: they are the result of an irrational and fresh children’s game. I believe Oedipe – like all of us – is a victim of this game. Somehow, I believe that the fact that our destiny is in the hands of children is a relief. Without seriousness, without fear. Only the game”, stated Valentina Carrasco, referring to the production on the stage of the Bucharest National Opera.

Speaking about the Oedipe opera, the main national creation of its kind, and at the same time the only one that can be found in the repertoire of several prestigious theaters in the world, composer George Enescu was confessing: “It’s not me who can say if Oedipe is the most perfect of my works or not. All that I can say is that it is my dearest of all. First of all, this is because it cost me months of work and years of restlessness. Secondly, because I’ve put in it everything I was feeling, thinking, so that sometimes I was confusing with my hero. No one would believe me if I’d tell you how exalted I was when I was thinking of Oedipus and composing this huge opera, note by note”.

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