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January 26, 2022

‘Semper United. The Centenary of the Accomplishment of National Unity’ exhibition at National Museum of Romanian History

The National Museum of Romanian History (MNIR) informs that it will host the ‘Semper United. The Centenary of the Accomplishment of National Unity’ exhibition dedicated to the celebration of one century since the Great Union of 1918.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday, November 29, at 4 p.m., in a solemn event at the headquarters of the Museum, on Victoriei Boulevard 12, District 3, Bucharest, in the presence of Romanian high-level officials and representatives of the Diplomatic Corps.

The exhibition is made in partnership with several museums and cultural institutes from the country and from the Republic of Moldova, but also in partnership with private collectors, and will present the moments and personalities that made the Union possible, via documents but also objects that are representative for this crucial historical moment.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on the most important stages of the “journey” that started with the Union of 1600, followed by the Union of the Principalities, the War of Independence, the First World War which culminated with the Great Union. The relations between Romanians who were living in the Kingdom and those who were living on territories that were part of neighbouring empires is given a special place.

An important part of the exhibition is dedicated to the war for national unity and to the events of 1918. Each moment – the union with Bessarabia, Bukovina, and Transylvania – has a nucleus in the exhibition, presenting the stages and personalities that contributed to the completion of national unity.

Presented are the personal objects of leaders such as Pantelimon Halippa, Stefan Cicio Pop, and of institutions or organisations such as national guards, of delegates who took part in the National Assembly in Alba Iulia, the flag of the people of Lupsa, the Resolution of the Great National Assembly, the mandates of the Romanian delegates to the Great Assembly, etc. The iconographical and documentary material is very rich.

On this occasion, the ‘Golden Book of the Centenary of the Great Union’ documentary film will be previewed as part of the event. The documentary film is based on the book with the same title, edited by historian Bogdan Bucur, Reader at the Political Science Faculty of the SNSPA, a best-seller on the Centenary of the Great Union, published by the RAO Publishing House. The film, directed by Titus Scurt and produced by the Bucharest Multicultural Centre, is an exceptional achievement that presents the story of the Great Union, with the participation of some of the most important contemporary Romanian historians: Ioan-Aurel Pop, president of the Romanian Academy; Razvan Theodorescu, vice president of the Romanian Academy; Prof. Ph.D. Bogdan Murgescu, Faculty of History, University of Bucharest; Reader Ph.D. Adrian Niculescu, Political Science Faculty, SNSPA Bucharest.

The exhibition will open for the public on November 30, and can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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