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July 27, 2021

President Iohannis hosts reception on the occasion of the National Day of Romania: The great achievements are possible if we stay united

President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday that the nation’s great victories are possible if the Romanians stay united and not divided.

“The great victories of the nation are possible if we are united, not divided, if we have high aspirations, not personal goals, if we hold close to the democratic and civilised nations, instead of isolating ourselves from them,” the head of state said at the reception held at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on the occasion of the National Day of Romania.

He spoke about the achievement of the Greater Union.

“Those who have made possible the major historical event of the past century have left us a rich heritage of ideals, values and vision. Of all, the most beautiful spiritual legacy that I would like to rediscover these days is that the Greater Union was, in fact, a great and profound union of all Romanians, around a common desire, for which no sacrifice was too great,” Iohannis said.

He stressed that the Centennial of Romania is not only about remembrance of the past, but also about the present and the future.

“The good functioning of the state and the establishment of long-term national goals are indissolubly linked to the good understanding and correct understanding of the lessons of the past. The path to the Greater Union was difficult and challenging, but our forefathers succeeded due to their desire to belong to the same set of values and principles. Among the values that paved the way for the achievement of the Union and those values that we strongly believe in today, there is unquestionable continuity. In this sense, December 1 is not only a national celebration, but also a European celebration. Solidarity, respect for the law, for the citizens’ rights and freedoms, give the European project consistency and have been fully adopted by the Romanian people. These are the values for which our country joined the European Union, out of a desire to consolidate our democracy, regained with great sacrifices in December 1989, in an area of peace, prosperity and freedom. It is the bridge over time that connects Romania of today with the vision of the political figures who made possible a century ago the national ideal of the Great Union,” the head of state said.

He showed that despite the dramatic circumstances that marked the course of our nation over the last century, Romania managed to translate into reality a large part of the goals of its predecessors.

“Romania could not have overcome the attempts of the last century, if it wasn’t not a unitary state.” The Romanians could not have surpassed the tragedies of the recent past if the Greater Union did not give us confidence in the future. In only a half of these 100 years that we celebrate our nation was able to freely express its creative capacity, to walk on the path started in Alba Iulia on December 1918. And it wasn’t a day or an hour when those who have received the gift of the Greater Union stopped loving Romania,” Iohannis said.

He stressed that Romania has continued to be loved within its borders and beyond.

“Romania was loved in Marasesti, on the bloody fields of the Second World War, in the provinces that because of the troubled history of the past century remained outside the country, as well as in Sighet, Pitesti, Aiud, and on the barricades of the Revolution of December 1989. Romania is loved today for the achievements of the forefathers, for what is now, as it is loved for what it is not yet, but we want it to be for future generations. Romania is respected today in Europe and in the world for this love for the country also manifested itself in the creative works of the Romanians who contributed to the civilisation of the world,” Iohannis said.

The reception was attended by about 800 people. Among those who participated were Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and members of her Cabinet, former presidents of Romania Emil Constantinescu and Traian Basescu, heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Eduard Hellvig, and Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), Gabriel Vlase, representatives of religious cults, diplomats.


Healthcare, education and culture represent the pillars of a strong, prosperous society


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated, while attending the ceremonies occasioned by the decoration of some universities, representatives of the healthcare environment and culture, that healthcare, education and culture represent the pillars of a strong and prosperous society, while also specifying that the preliminary results of the “Educated Romania” programme will be launched next week for public debate.

“I believe that nothing could be more noble than celebrating, in the Greater Union Centennial year, alongside those who, through the mission that they chose in life, honour our country! Healthcare, education and culture represent the pillars of a strong, prosperous society. In the architecture of a nation, healthcare and education represent sources of welfare, and culture is the one that defines us, signifying our national identity itself, our common values, transmitted with wisdom from generation to generation,” said Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace.

He underscored that 2018 has a special meaning for the Romanians, as an year of “celebration of the past and also one that sets the grounds for our project for the future and our vision for an educated Romania, democratic and strong, for another 100 years at least.”

“The past is one we can be proud of, through the personalities that we had in education, medicine and culture, who brought prestige to our country worldwide, in their field of activity. The future that we build today, and the current generation has a great responsibility in shaping Romania’s destiny. You have the duty to guide the steps of the young in the noble professions that they have chosen, to stimulate their respect for the values of the past and also transmit them the moral obligation to pass these values further to the next generation,” said President Iohannis.

He also told the doctors, medical assistants and pharmacologists that Romania has exceptional professionals, enthusiastic young people, who wish to perfect themselves and contribute to the reputation of the Romanian medicine, despite the difficulties facing the healthcare.

“On the National Day, on this day of celebration, we want to send you our gratitude for the devotion and responsibility you show in taking care of our health, for your successful careers or for those careers that are now on their way to success!,” said Iohannis.

The head of the state told the representatives of the universities in education and research fields that only with the help of a good quality education can the objectives of the country be achieved in this century of unity. He reminded that two years ago he initiated the project “Educated Romania,” by which he wanted to develop a vision and a strategy in the long run for the education system.

“Next week, the preliminary results of the project will be launched for public debate and I hope that universities and the institutions dedicated to research and innovation will remain by far very involved partners,” announced Iohannis.

He told those decorated that they are “models of responsibility, generosity and promotion of the art and beauty, true landmarks for the present and future generations.”

President Iohannis bestowed the Order of Merit for Education in rank of Great Knight upon the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, the Order of Merit for Education in rank of Commander of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, the Order of Merit for Education in rank of Knight upon the Oil-gas University of Ploiesti, the University of Petrosani, the Transilvania University of Brasov, the Order Merit for Education in rank of Knight upon the University Dunarea of Galati, the Order of Cultural Merit in rank of Knight to the “New Europe” College.

Moreover the head of the state bestowed the Order for Merit in rank of Knght to Rodica Ceaus, Lecturer Victor Costache, PhD, University Professor Sebastian Nicolae Ionescu, PhD, University Professor Dorel Săndescu, PhD, the “Health Order” in rank of knight to doctors Marian Anghelescu, Sorin Liviu Baila, Corneliu Gheorghe Costachel, Doina Draganescu, chief-medical assistant Doina Carmen Mazilu.

President Iohannis bestowed the Cultural merit Order in rank of Commander upon Petru Hadircă and the Cultural Merit Order in rank of Knight upon Marina Constantinescu.

Those who received decorations thanked the head of state.

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