Romania’s Ambassador to EU, Luminita Odobescu: Our celebration is, at the same time, a European celebration. We also celebrate to be part of this great European family

On the occasion of Romania’s National Day, on December 1, and the celebration of the Greater Union Centennial, the Permanent Representative Office of Romania in Brussels EU, in cooperation with the Romanian Embassy to Belgium, on November 29 2018 organised a reception at the Autoworld Museum in the Cinquantenaire Park, a symbolic location in the heart of the European Neighbourhood in Brussels.

“Today Romania celebrates 100 years. It is a national celebration which we Romanians cherish with all our hearts because we celebrate 100 years of being together. Our celebration is, at the same time, a European celebration. We also celebrate to be part of this great European family.

We celebrate all our common European achievements, and there are plenty, because this is all that matters in the end. To prosper together, to debate together, and to find solutions together.

This is what we, Romanians, see in the European project. A family that is united.

A family based on solid democratic principles and common values. Values and principles that forge our common European identity and we should not shy away from this: we do have a common European identity. Democracy, solidarity, human dignity, we have these in our European DNA.

Unity is the one key ingredient that fuels the European project. Without unity, we are countries but not a Union. One Union. Unity should be our red thread next year, when my country will for the first time bring her contribution to the European agenda. And unity should guide us when our Leaders will meet in Sibiu on Europe’s Day, “Ambassador Odobescu stressed in her speech delivered at the reception occasioned by Romania’s National Day.

“In Sibiu, it is our duty to further advance our European dream and to show what it means for our citizens. Not only for my generation, which had but one goal to return to the European family, but also for the next generations. As it will be for them to continue the journey.

Unity was the key word 100 years ago and it is our common objective today. For our future.

La mulţi ani, România!”, said Luminita Odobescu.

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