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February 5, 2023

Romania’s Embassy in Washington to send official US proclamations to National Union Museum in Alba Iulia

The Romanian Embassy will send all the official proclamations and messages dedicated to the Greater Union Centennial issued by the American states’ governors, as part of a project initiated by Romania’s diplomatic mission in Washington, to the National Union Museum in Alba Iulia, reads a release of the Embassy.

The Romanian Ambassador, George Cristian Maior, in the first half of this year sent an official letter to the governors of the American stated informing them about the historical signification of the national union Centennial for the Romanian nation. In his message, the Romanian Ambassador described the enormous sacrifices made by the Romanian citizens in achieving the Greater Union, the exceptional mobilization of the American Romanians communities 100 years ago to support the union, as well as the unique contribution of the American President Woodrow Wilson who, through “The 14 Points” inspire the road to freedom and unity of the Romanians. In this context, the Romanian Ambassador made an appeal to the governors of the American states to issue official proclamations in celebrating the Centennial of the national union of the Romanians, in sign of friendship between Romania and the United States of America.

In response to the initiative of the Romanian Embassy, the governors of the American states issued Proclamations or official message through which they recognize the Greater Union document of 100 years ago. These documents can be seen on the Internet page: https:&&celebrating-romanias-centennial.home.blog/.

The proclamations were presented for the first time to the public during an official reception on Romania’s National Day, organised especially to celebrate the Centennial. The Romanian Embassy will send all these proclamations, issued by the American states’ governors, to the National Union Museum in Alba Iulia, to be exposed as part of the permanent exhibition here.

The speech delivered on the occasion of the celebration of the Centennial, the Ambassador of Romania, Cristian Maior appreciated that the issuance of the official proclamations by the governors of the American states “represents maybe the strongest sign of friendship between Romanians and Americans, proving the favourable perception of Romania not only at the level of the federal administration, but also in all of America’s corners, at the level of each community. We received the respect that the entire American national showed to Romania and their sacrifices that made the Greater Union of 100 years ago possible.”

The Romanian Ambassador showed that “like, 100 years ago, the creation of modern Romania benefited from the important support represented by the relation of friendship with the United Stated, the partnership that we share today is marked by them closeness between the two nations and the proclamations materialize this of the most impressive manner, including for the next generations.”

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