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July 3, 2022

Romania’s smoked Pontic shad receives PGI status

The European Commission has approved the entry of the “Scrumbie de Dunăre afumata” smoked Pontic shad in the register of products with the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, a release from the EU executive informs.

The smoked Pontic shad is a lightly-salted, smoked fish from the Danube Delta, which is prepared according to a traditional method to preserve a large amount of the fish fats; referenced to its size, the Pontic shad counts to the world’s high-fat fish.

For Danube Delta locals, fishing is the oldest and most important activity, and the smoked Pontic shad is an emblematic product.

Romania had so far four products certified under European quality systems, three of which as PGI: the Topoloveni plum jam, the Sibiu salami and the ‘Novac afumat din Tara Barsei’ smoked bighead carp fillet from the Barsa province. The Ibanesti white cheese has been a Protected Designation of Origin product since 2016.

The documentation for four products seeking the status of Protected Geographical Indication has been filed with the European Commission and three thereof are being analysed: the mixed mutton and beef sausages ‘Carnati de Plescoi’, the ‘Cascaval de Saveni’ yellow cheese and the ‘Telemea de Sibiu’ cheese.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 300 products have been identified in Romania that can fit into national and European quality systems, and 100 thereof can access European quality systems.

Approximately 20 products have been identified for a possible European registration until 2019, specifically the Vaideeni cheese (Valcea County); the Bran sheepskin cheese; the rhubarb jam; the Gulianca sheep milk cheese; the ‘Deltaica’ pike roe salad; the Hunedoara ‘virsli’ sausages; the Pecica hearth bread; the Nadlac salami; the Turda salt mine pork cuts; the Copalau garlic; the Pericei onion; the Transylvanian ham; the Toboliu cabbage; the Neamt craft beer; the Putna Valley smoked trout; the Muscel pretzel; the Samburesti smoked plums; the Oltenia-made sausages; the Voinesti apples, etc.



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