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September 30, 2022

Victor Ponta announces the resignation of 4 PSD MPs who joined Pro Romania . PSD MPs’ leader, about the resignations from the party: The PSD-ALDE parliamentary majority will resist

Former PM Victor Ponta announced on Monday that four MPs of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), namely , Ion Mocioalca, Ion Spanu, Mihai Popa and Mihai Mohaci, have resigned and joined Pro Romania.

The PRO Romania team within the Parliament and from the territory has been enlarged with people “who cannot be bought or scared”, Ponta announced.

“Deputies Ion Mocioalca, Ion Spanu, Mihai Popa and Mihai Mohaci are people along with whom I worked during the 2012-2015 government period and along with whom I promised in the 2016 Campaign that we will continue the development, education, health, agriculture and infrastructure policies”, Ponta wrote on Facebook, concluding that “unfortunately, PSD was seized by a criminal group that leads the country to a disaster, and PRO Romania is the alternative to PSDragnea and PNLOrban”.

MP Ion Mocioalca, the Chairman of PSD Caras-Severin, announced on Monday on his Facebook page, too, that after 24 years, he chose to resign from the party and join Pro Romania, the party headed by Victor Ponta.

After he spoke about several moments he lived inside the party, Mocioalca wrote that every Executive Committee (CEx) of the ruling party was humiliating, and that before every meeting, he and his colleagues wondered if they will be “judged”.

“However, it’s disappointing for me to see that now, after all this common history, there’s no respect for all these efforts. Particularly from certain persons who were not with us when we were going through the most terrible moments. It is unfair and humiliating for me and some of my colleagues from PSD, to wait every CEX of the party wondering if that will be the moment when we will be subject to discussion and judged by people who, most of them, have never lived inside the party the moments we lived. I appreciate this state of affairs humiliating and intolerable! But in politics, defeats are sometimes more precious than victories, and victories can be the way to dramatic defeats”, Mocioalca wrote.


PSD MPs’ leader, about the resignations from the party: The PSD-ALDE parliamentary majority will resist


PSD MPs’ leader Daniel Suciu, stated on Monday that PSD-ALDE still has the parliamentary majority, reminding that there is also a collaboration protocol with UDMR. The statement comes in the context of the resignation of several Social Democrat MPs who later joined Pro Romania.

PSD MPs’ leader Daniel Suciu, stated on Monday, in the context in which four parliamentarians have resigned from the party, that the ruling coalition relies on ALDE and UDMR.

“The parliamentary majority is the one that all of you know, and paradoxically, the Opposition also knows it. Taking into account that collaboration protocol with UDMR, it was only one exception when the PSD-ALDE coalition couldn’t pass important laws in Parliament, whether they were organic or ordinary. We rely on more than 140-144 PSD parliamentarians now, on the 19 ALDE deputies”, the PSD MPs’ leader Daniel Suciu stated when asked if PSD-ALDE still has the majority in the Deputies’ Chamber.

Being asked if he knows what are the reasons for which the four PSD MPs have resigned, Suciu said that their resignations come in the context of their friendship with the founder of Pro Romania, Victor Ponta.

“Mr. Mocioalca had and still has an extremely close relationship with Mr. Victor Ponta, and if I’m not wrong, they are relatives, too. Somehow, we were expecting this. Mr. Spanu is Mr. Mocioalca’s fellow and friend. Therefore, it was a natural choice. And the issues related to the discussions held in certain branches take place here, at the Deputies’ Chamber. When I was saying that the discussions are at the branch level, I was speaking about the two persons from Brasov. (…) You will see that this parliamentary majority will resist, will function, it will not fail”, Suciu explained.

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