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May 17, 2021

Dancila after Opposition announces great victory in the House: We have support for the Gov’t in Parliament. I’m not nervous at all. Dragnea: They want to snatch away Parliament. It’s Iohannis’s style, he did the same with the houses

Premier Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday, in Brussels, in a joint press statement with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, that in Bucharest there are “no problems with the parliamentary majority” and that she is not nervous at all in what concerns the no-confidence motion announced by the Opposition.

“We have no problems with the parliamentary majority. Don’t confuse the two offices in the House with the majority. The majority means the House and the Senate. We have support for the Government in the Parliament of Romania and I’m not nervous at all in what concerns the no-confidence motion,” Premier Viorica Dancila stated in response to a question regarding the parliamentary majority in Romania.

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker also stated that the parliamentary majority has not changed.

“You are mixing up the situation. In fact, I believe there is a majority in both Chambers of Parliament,” Juncker added.


Liviu Dragnea, first public statement after dismissal row: They want to snatch away Parliament. It’s Iohannis’s style, he did the same with the houses


On Wednesday, the House Speaker Liviu Dragnea accused President Klaus Iohannis of being behind the action in Parliament, stating that the Opposition wants to snatch away Parliament “in line with Iohannis’s style.” Dragnea also stated that nothing happens without the President knowing about it.

“It’s not the first time they’ve demanded the dismissal. In fact, they didn’t even vote. Today we’ve seen a failed attempt to snatch away a state institution. They want to snatch away Parliament and Romania too. This is Iohannis’s style, just like he snatched away the houses in Sibiu, that’s how they also want to take over the institutions that bother them. Nothing happens without Klaus Iohannis’s coordination. For weeks, some of the Liberals and some of the former PSD members kept bragging that they enjoy Iohannis’s support and that he protects them and encourages them to take over as many members of the House leadership as possible,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

He says that it is also possible the Liberals are boasting about the President’s support for them.

“When Florin was asked to leave the chair, because they have a clear mandate from Iohannis and will propose. Whether the PNL member was nominated by him, we have no way of knowing. It’s very possible, since they are very boastful. Likewise, a coincidence in which nobody believes, Ms Carmen Mihalcescu was summoned at the DNA. As a witness I hope, or who knows, because she was Deputy Speaker of the House. So that only Mr Pirtea would be left, the only one who would chair the plenary meeting,” Liviu Dragnea added.


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