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May 22, 2022

PMP’s Tomac calls for creation of political pole that would openly fight against ROexit

Popular Movement Party (PMP) leader Eugen Tomac proposed on Tuesday the creation of a pro-European coalition consisting of all parliamentary and non-parliamentary Opposition parties and the designation of a joint presidential candidate in order to avoid a ROexit, the latter allegedly being PSD-ALDE’s option.

“How can a disaster be avoided, how can Romania be saved from under Dragnea’s imprint? On December 1st, in a Centenary year, I experienced a unique feeling of joy that I shared with the thousands of Romanians who came to Alba Iulia from all over the country. People who came out of conviction, to celebrate a century since the Great Union. Almost all Romanians I met asked me the same question: when do we get rid of Dragnea? It’s clear that today’s society has reached the point in which it simply can no longer withstand a man constrained by his own problems keeping a country captive. In order to avoid the looming disaster, that of Romania being pushed outside the EU by a toxic ruling power, we need – now more than ever – the creation of joint pro-European political front,” Eugen Tomac wrote on Facebook.

He also stated that the setting up of a credible political coalition that would support Romania’s full integration in the European Union, of a “political pole that would openly fight against a ROexit,” is necessary.

“If Dragnea and Valcov are openly fighting against the European Union, our answer must be the following:

  1. The setting up of a pro-European coalition consisting of all parliamentary and non-parliamentary Opposition parties.
  2. Joint list in the European Parliament elections to win more votes than the PSD.
  3. Joint presidential candidate backed by the entire Opposition.

“This is the only way in which we can avoid a disaster. Only this way can we defeat the PSD, only this way can we remove Dragnea and Valcov from the Victoria Palace and, consequently, avoid a ROexit. Any other scenario would only allow Daddy to stay in power by using political blackmail, governmental resources and manipulation,” the PMP President concluded.


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