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June 21, 2021

PNL’s Orban summons Gov’t reaction to Italy authorities’ seizing Romania-registered cars. MAE: Romanian Embassy in Italy acts to prevent discrimination of Romanian citizens with Romanian-registered cars

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said in a Saturday release that he “summons” the Dancila Government to take urgent attitude towards the “mass seizure of the cars of Romanians who live in Italy”.

“The Government of Romania lingers in chronic apathy and incapacity, being unable to defend the interests of Romanians abroad, or at least keep in the loop about the violation of their fundamental rights, such as the right to property or free movement. Effective December 4, under an amendment to the Italian Traffic Code, Romanians with a longer than 60-day residency are banned from driving cars registered in Romania, under the penalty of having their car seized. The measure is currently producing effects,” the Liberal leader said in the release.

He adds that these Romanian citizens are being discriminated against by the Italian authorities, although they should enjoy the same rights as all EU citizens.

“For the knowledge of those in the Romanian Government who have not yet learned about this, this is about Law No. 132 of December 1, 2018, published in the Official Journal of Italy on December 3, 2018. I summon the government to take all the necessary steps with the Italian authorities to stop the discrimination against Romanian citizens, who should enjoy the same rights in the European Union. This is a serious violation of two fundamental principles, the one regarding the right to property and the free movement principle. Implicitly, this is a violation of the Treaty of the European Union that probably harms hundreds of thousands of Romanians, putting them in an extremely difficult situation in the run-up to the winter holidays,” Ludovic Orban says.


MAE: Romanian Embassy in Italy acts to prevent discrimination of Romanian citizens with Romanian-registered cars


The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) specifies in a press release sent to AGERPRES on Sunday that the Romanian authorities are closely monitoring the topic of the legislative changes introduced in Italy with regard to the cars registered in another country of the foreign resident citizens, adding that Romania’s Embassy and the consular posts in the Peninsula are acting so as to prevent any possible discriminations of the Romanian citizens.

“The Romanian authorities are carefully following the subject of the legislative amendments introduced in the Italian road legislation by decree law no. 113/2018. Thus, the Romanian Embassy in Rome has urgently undertaken actions with the relevant Italian authorities to obtain clarifications as to the scope of the legislative provisions. The diplomatic mission in Rome and the Romanian consular offices across Italy are working to prevent possible discrimination of Romanian citizens and to provide consular assistance if abusive measures are noted to be taken by local authorities in enforcing the new legal provisions. In order to support Romanian citizens, the Romanian Embassy in Rome released online information on the new regulations,” the MAE press release points out.

At the same time, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry specifies that “it is assessing the measures taken by the Italian authorities to ensure that they are fully in line with EU legislation and the relevant case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and does not affect the rights of Romanian citizens, taking into account to carry out all legal steps in order to protect the rights of Romanian citizens residing in the Italian Republic, including the notification of the European Commission as to the possible incompatibilities of the newly introduced rules with European law.”

The Foreign Affairs Ministry’s demarches aim to ensure that the actions of the Italian authorities do not harm the free movement and all the rights established by the binding European Union regulations, the press release added.

“At the same time, we remind Romanian citizens that in case they are affected by a case of violation of the EU laws by the authorities of another member state, they can call on the assistance provided by SOLVIT, an informal system that helps people who encounter difficulties in another country when public authorities do not apply EU legislation correctly, as follows:


– by filling in the on-line form available at http://ec.europa.eu/solvit/index_en.htm


– via the e-mail address solvit@mae.ro


– calling the SOLVIT numbers from abroad: 0374300270 or from Romania: 0800672507 “, the MAE release further mentions.

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