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August 2, 2021

10 facts about Astana

  • Until 1998, there was only one metropolitan city in the world, whose name simply means “capital”, which is South Korea’s Seoul. And the second became a city in Kazakhstan – Astana, also meaning “capital”. In Soviet times, this city was called Tselinograd, after the collapse of the USSR being given the name Akmola. In 1998, Astana was presented to an international community as the capital of sovereign Kazakhstan.

  • The population of Astana has increased by 3.8 times in recent years. 20 years ago, 275 thousand people were living in the city, while now there are more than 1 million inhabitants.
  • During this time, the area of Astana has tripled. In 1997, the urban area was 258 square kilometers, while today it exceeds 722 square kilometers.

  • Astana is the coldest capital of the planet after the Mongolian capital – Ulaanbaatar. Astana is even colder than Ottawa, the capital of Canada.
  • The largest tent and spherical buildings in the world exist in Astana. These are a shopping and entertainment center “Khan Shatyr” in the form of a large transparent tent, registered in the Guinness World Records, and the “Nur Alem” sphere, or the Museum of the Future, located at the EXPO-2017 exhibition.

  • The Oceanarium of the entertainment center “Duman” is also listed in the Guinness World Records as the most remote of its kind from the ocean. 3000 kilometers separate it from the nearest ocean. The Oceanarium is inhabited by more than two thousand marine creatures brought from different parts of the world. The capacity of the Oceanarium is three million liters of water, and 120 tons of sea salt are required for preparation of saline water. The largest inhabitants of the Oceanarium are a shark about 3 meters long and a 200-kilo heavy turtle with a shell diameter of 150 cm. The smallest resident is a clown fish which is only 5 cm long.

  • Astana Opera is the biggest theater in Central Asia. The main hall of the theater is designed for 1250 seats. The lobby, auditoriums and the main stage are made in the style of high classicism. The acoustics of the halls was developed by leading specialists from Italy and Germany.

  • The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, also known as the Pyramid, has elevators that move diagonally upward at a slope of 60 degrees. Such kind of elevators are found only in the Eiffel Tower and at the “Luxor Hotel” in Las Vegas.

  • One of the largest mosque in Asia and Central Asia – “Hazrat Sultan mosque” in Astana. It covers an area of 11 hectares and has a capacity of up to 10 thousand people.




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