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May 18, 2022

Senate’s Tariceanu: Majority in Parliament is not changing for motion of no confidence to stand chance of passing

Senate President Calin Popescu Tariceanu, leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) considers that the majority in Parliament cannot change so that a motion of no confidence might stand a chance to pass, even if four deputies left from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and senator Adrian Tutuianu announces the formation of a new parliamentary group.

Tariceanu says that the majority will not change, especially if a reunited plenum will be organized, because “a more powerful army is coming” from the Senate.

“Thus, in parliamentary arithmetic, the major issue currently at hand is: If the Opposition, if it wants to lodge a motion of no confidence, does it have the necessary number or not? From the calculations that I have seen, they are 50 votes short of succeeding. So what they did last week – that there are four members of Parliament who deserted, so to speak, I do not believe that this fixes the matter. Two – I saw the former prime minister, Victor Ponta saying: ‘Yes, we would vote for a motion of no confidence, but if Orban’s PNL [National Liberal Party leader, ed.n.] were to come, then we will not make fools of ourselves by voting for this.’ I mean they do realize that the alternative offer is downright hilarious. So I take these matters very seriously, I am not patronising,” Tariceanu said in the Senate.

Another argument brought by the president of the Senate in favor of maintaining the current government is the importance of preserving political stability on the eve of Romania’s taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“There are very serious matters. Political stability I believe is a very important aspect, especially now, on the eve of taking over the presidency. A government collapse would be very bad in this regard, for this reason and consequently, by analysing these transfers, in quotation marks, the majority in Parliament is not changing so that any motion of no confidence might stand a chance to pass,” Tariceanu showed.


Opposition censure motion is 50 votes short of happening


On Sunday evening, Tariceanu said that a motion of censure stands no chance of passing through Parliament at this moment, because the opposition is missing at least 50 votes.

“The assumptions for the censure motion are very simple (…) I do not dispute the right of the opposition to table a censure motion, I just think the time is not right. (…) The second aspect is of a strictly technical nature. If we count the votes of the Opposition we see that they are at last 50 votes short of succeeding. There is no chance for a censure motion to pass at this moment,” Tariceanu told Romania TV private broadcaster.

In his opinion, the attempt to force the overthrow of Liviu Dragnea as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies demonstrates that the Opposition is resorting to “desperate attempts” to grab power.

According to Tariceanu, the Opposition “seems in disarray” and President Klaus Iohannis “encourages” the overthrow of the majority, although none of the opposition political parties proved that it could represent an alternative to the government.

“We see that Mr. Barna [of the Opposition Save Romania Union (USR)] has had talks with the President of the country, who I can see that encourages his actions, but (…) the Opposition seems rather in disarray, there is no big deal with the National Liberal Party (PNL) or with USR; we cannot see anything to prove, however, that the Opposition could be an alternative. Unfortunately, this game also engages the president, with the various decisions he has taken, the discussion with Mr. Barna (…), the steps he has been taking to block government reshuffle, all this fits into a specific picture that clearly aims at the current majority being overthrown, but not through elections, which would have been normal. (…) This is not about some democratic steps. It is backstage, underground scheming, occult forces that try by various means (…) to overthrow the majority and the government,” said Tariceanu.

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