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August 6, 2021

USR’s negotiations with the former technocrat PM Dacian Ciolos for joint electoral lists will be finalized by the end of January

The Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman Dan Barna announced on Saturday that the discussions between USR and the Romania Together Movement (MRI), founded by Dacian Ciolos, for a possible candidacy on joint lists for EP elections, will be finalized by the end of January, mentioning that the former Prime Minister will definitely not run on the USR lists.

“Following the timetable, and we even made an analysis that started back from May 26, on what the campaign means, what means to collect 200,000 signatures, we will definitely have to make a decision by the end of January”, Dan Barna stated at a press conference, at the med of the USR Political Committee held on Saturday, in which the candidates’ list for the EP elections was validated.

He mentioned that the support of the party’s commission which is holding discussions with the Romania Together Movement of the former technocrat Prime Minister, received more than 70% of the votes. Dan Barna added that Dacian Ciolos will definitely not run on USR’s lists.

“It’s one of the options debated also by us at the Political Committee. There is definitely a broad consensus, it could be also seen at the vote for mentioning the Commission. It was a voter of more than 70% for supporting the continuation of the Commission and of the discussions in order to find the best option. Dacian Ciolos will definitely not run on USR’s lists. The subject of the discussion is that alliance that will generate a joint list for the EP elections. This depends on the decision-making bodies of the two parties. We are waiting for the Romania Together Movement to become a political vehicle and we will see at that time which is the best option on a short and long term”, Barna explained, when asked about the possibility of a candidacy of USR and MRI on joint lists for the EP elections.

The USR leader also said that there was a debate on Friday on the party’s extension. If now USR has reached 7,000 members and 260 branches, the party is planning to reach 20,000 members and 800 branches next year.

“Yesterday (on Friday – e.n.), we had a debate on the expansion. USR has significantly grown. At present, we have around 7,000 members and 260 branches, practically covering 49.3% of the country’s population. USR is officially present in half of Romania, two years after it entered the Parliament. The Expansion Department was led by Cristian Ghinea, who is on the first place on the list for the EP elections, probably not by chance. I think this is somehow a recognition of the efforts he made for the party. If now we have 7,000 members, we are planning for the next year to reach 20,000 members and 800 branches. We have very ambitious growing targets and each branch assumed these targets”, Barna concluded.

On November 29, USR established the final list of candidates for the EP elections of May 2019, which was opened by Cristian Ghinea and Clotilde Armand.

The USR candidates’ list includes 43 members who will represent the party at the EP elections of May 26, 2019. The result comes after the vote of 5,043 out of more than 6,000 USR members, through an electronic online verifiable system, the party mentioned in a press release sent to MEDIAFAX.


Dan Barna explained the context in which he met Klaus Iohannis and when the no-confidence motion against Dancila Government will be filed


Dan Barna announced that it is very likely that the Opposition will file the no-confidence motion against the Dancila Government next week. In this context, the Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman mentioned that President Klaus Iohannis has the legitimacy to dialogue with any parliamentarian of the Romanian state.

“The discussions will continue also at the beginning of this week. It is very likely that the no-confidence motion will be filed next week. The Romanian President is the person with the highest political legitimacy in the Romanian state. The Romanian President was voted by 6 million Romanians. From my point of view, yes, he is one of the persons which have the credibility and legitimacy resource necessary to send political messages to any political player in Romania. From this position, he can have a legitimate dialogue with any politician in our state”, Dan Barna stated on Saturday at the end of the meeting of the USR Political Committee in which the party validated the list of candidates for the EP elections.

Asked if President Iohannis doesn’t violate the Constitution by saying to the MPs of the majority to vote for the no-confidence motion, the USR leader answered: “My opinion is that he can have a dialogue with any parliamentarian of the Romanian state. It is strictly at his disposition how will he use this dialogue”.

Dan Barna stated on Thursday at the Parliament that he talked several days ago with the head of state Klaus Iohannis about the no-confidence motion and the current political context.

Asked who initiated these consultations, if he was called by Iohannis or if he requested to have a meeting with the President, the USR leader said: “Generally, it happens in one direction or another. We don’t have a pattern on this issue. We talk from time to time”.

On other occasion, Dan Barna also called on the head of state to attend the future meetings of the Government in order to prevent the adoption of an emergency ordinance related to amnesty and pardon.

In return, Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday, when asked if he still supports a no-confidence motion right now, that he is not the one who has to support it, mentioning that “The Opposition must support a no-confidence motion and I hope they will do it”.

PNL-USR-PMP announced that in the coming period, by the end of the parliamentary season, they will file a no-confidence motion against the Dancila Government, and that at present they are negotiating on the support of this action by the vote.

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