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August 3, 2021

Crown Custodian Margareta in London: I talked about Romania, connection with the UK is very tight

Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta said on Monday evening that our country’s relation with the UK is a very tight one, which was also highlighted by the British Royal Family’s interest for the anniversary of the Greater Union Centennial.

“I spoke about the Centennial, 1918. The dinner was held in honor of Romania. I was very glad that I was able to do this. Let’s continue to do this,” Her Majesty Margareta stated at the end of the dinner at the Travellers Club in London.

She mentioned she invited Prince Michael of Kent, Her Majesty’s cousin, to come to visit the contemporary Romania.

“We talked about Romania: how can we make investments, what kind of country it is … I talked with one of my cousin, Prince Michael of Kent. I have known him since I was little. He hasn’t been to Romania since 1969. I told him he must come again, for this is a different country now. Music, culture, art, business. We talked about these things,” Her Majesty says.

The Crown Custodian said that also tackled at the dinner held at the Travellers Club was the Brexit topic, the British guests being interested in our country’s standpoint post-Brexit.

In his turn, Mr. Jonathan Eyal, member of the Royal Council, stated that the dinner was both “a Romanian and a British evening, an European evening.”

Mr. Jonathan Eyal argued that, unfortunately, at the events dedicated to the Centennial, the topic of the Union of Bessarabia and Bukovina with the Mother Country wasn’t discussed enough and emphasized on the fact that King Michael always brought to mind Bessarabia when speaking about the Greater Union.

He believes King Michael would have been “extremely proud” about the marking of the Greater Union Centennial in the UK.

Piano player Alexandra Dariescu, who was among the guests, confessed he was very glad that she celebrated 100 years since the Union together with the Royal Family, at a “dinner among friends.”

In his welcoming speech, Sir John Wheeler, the host of the event, brought to mind the celebration of the Greater Union Centennial and paid homage to the personality of King Michael.


At the event, the British Royal family was represented by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.


In attendance there were also Ambassador of Romania and the Republic of Moldova in London, Dan Mihalache and Angela Ponomariov, respectively.

Participating in the dinner was also Her Royal Highness Princess Elena and Alexander Nilson. Members of the London business environment, diplomats, personalities of the civil society, members of the Romanian Royal Council also attended the event.

Set up in 1819 as one of the most exclusive clubs, the Travellers is a private club.

The original rules, back in 1819, excluded from membership anyone “who didn’t travel out of the British islands at a distance of at least five hundred miles from London, in a direct line.”

The club members, which is presented in various works by Graham Green, Jules Verne, William Makepeace Thackeray and John le Carre, include members of the British Royal Family and foreign, the British Secretary for Foreign Affairs and various Ambassadors in London.

The visit to the United Kingdom is the thirteenth visit abroad of the Royal Family of Romania in 2018, after the visits paid to the United Arab Emirates (February), the Republic of Morocco (March), the Republic of Turkey (April), the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (April), the Kingdom of Spain (May), the Republic of Serbia (June), the Federal Republic of Germany, the Portuguese Republic, the French Republic (September), the Liechtenstein Principality (October), the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Croatia (November).

This is Her Majesty’s first visit to the UK as Head of the Romanian Royal House.

The visit is meant to celebrate the Greater Union and the end of the First World War, as well as to introduce the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


“I’d love to talk with Queen Elizabeth II about my father”


Prior to her private visit to the Buckingham Palace which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday afternoon,  Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta said she wants to talk with Queen Elizabeth II, her aunt,  about Romania’s King Michael.

She said that she has nothing special to ask Queen Elizabeth, but she confessed that she wants to talk about King Michael.

“I’d love to talk about my father, because she loved him a lot, and we do not talk too often; we have some memories, that’s going to be nice,” Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta said.

There will also be talks about Romania, she added.

“We have a very warm relationship. Every time we see each other, we talk a little, if we have time, about Romania, about the past, about the future. We have been talking about Romania for years. She knows very well what is going on there,’ says Her Majesty.

Referring to the meeting with the Prince Charles of Wales, scheduled for Wednesday, Margareta said Charles knows Romania, where he comes very often.

“The Prince of Wales is something else. He comes very often there and we have some projects with Prince Charles and my foundation,” she said.

She confessed that meeting the British sovereign “is never ordinary, because she is a wonderful and unusual person.”

“But I’ve known her since I was very little, three or four years old. I forgot to make a curtsey. They had taught me for three weeks, but I forgot. She did not get angry. She laughed. Even a few years ago I talked about it and she thought that was very funny. She helped me a lot when I was younger. She would invite me there at Buckingham, Windsor or even in Scotland. I feel a very warm family relationship with her. It is always a pleasure and she always has some advice. Anything she says to me is something that remains with me for years,” said Her Majesty.

In Ashford of Kent County, on Wednesday, a statue of Queen Marie of Romania will be unveiled. The event is organised by the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Romanian Embassy in London. Alongside Romania’s ambassador and ICR Chair Liliana Turoiu, diplomats, Romanian and British state officials will take part in the event. The statue will be unveiled by Princess Elena.

Also on Wednesday, Romanian Crown Custodian Margareta and Prince Radu will meet Prince of Wales at Clarence House.

At ICR London in Belgrave Square 1 in the evening, Prince Radu will take part in an official reception organised by the Romanian-British Chamber of Commerce, operating under his high patronage.


Source: Agerpres

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