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November 27, 2021

President Iohannis in Brussels: Agreement on Brexit is wanted by the European Union

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated in Brussels that the agreement on Brexit is wanted by the EU, also specifying that it cannot be renegotiated.

“We, the Union, want an agreement, we want this agreement, but it cannot be renegotiated. So, things are very clear. But, we want to give all the assurance that we can, political assurance, that we want to go further, we want to have a very good relation in the future. This is what it’s all about. The fear in the UK is that we are going to push for the negotiation of an ad calendas agreement, as they say. Or, nobody has such intentions and nobody wants to launch the backstop. This is a theoretical matter, rather a legal one, which, out of legal security reasons, was included there, but we do not want this. And this is what we want to explain again to the British side. We want to have a good relation, we want a future relation that will function well. And these assurances all of us can give separately,” said Iohannis, upon his arrival to the meeting of the European Council in Brussels.

Moreover, when asked if he will have a dialogue on Friday with the British PM, Theresa May, he specified: “Yes, I intend to meet Mrs. May briefly, a short bilateral meeting, to encourage her a little.”

Also asked if he expectes a new Summit on Brexit in January, the head of the state said: “No, I don’t expect this. We expect a positive vote on behalf of the British Parliament, but not at a Summit.”


“It would be hazardous to say that Romania is ready to enter Eurozone in 2024”


He also stated in Brussels that “it would be hazardous” to say Romania is ready to enter the Eurozone in 2024.

Asked if Romania is ready to enter the Eurozone in 2024, considering that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated that she will do everything in her power in this respect, Klaus Iohannis answered: “On the one hand, 2024 is far enough to get ready for this, but if we look at how things are right now and the lack of structural reforms at home it would be hazardous to say that we are ready or we will be ready. Definitely, in the end, we all want to become members of the Eurozone, at the right time, when we are ready.”

Moreover, the head of the state said that ‘such statements have been made in numerous occasion before in Romania.” “Several years ago someone made a statement we will be ready in 2019, somebody else mentioned 2021. In general, it is better to make such statements of intent, that we wish for that, but to say a deadline it is still too early, in my opinion,” said Iohannis, before participating in the meeting of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

He brought to mind that he is going to participate on Friday, in Brussels, in the enlarged Eurozone Summit.

“Some pretty complex matters will be discussed there too. Besides the topics that are strictly related to the Eurozone, one topic to probably be discussed in more detail will be the budget for the Eurozone, to be part of the larger budget of the Union and I believe that this will be a more ample debate,” said Iohannis.

On December 4, in Brussels, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated that she will make every step in her power for Romania to be able to access Eurozone in 2024.

“Romania committed to access the Eurozone once it meets the conditions and, recently, we have established a deadline for this objective, the year 2024. In my turn, I will personally commit to do everything I can to lead my country in this direction.” said Dancila, at a debate about the future of the European Union, orga organised by the Aspen Romania Institute at the Permanent Representative Office of Romania with the EU.

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