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February 1, 2023

President Iohannis talks to Finland’s, Croatia’s PMs on Romania’s takeover of Presidency of EU Council: Priorities of the “Trio” discussed. Romania will make every effort to advance European Agenda during Trio Romania-Finland-Croatia

President Klaus Iohannis discussed on Friday in Brussels with Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipila and Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic about Romania ‘s taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“We are preparing for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. A meeting of the future Presidencies Romania-Finland-Croatia, in view of discussing also the priorities of the “Trio”,” Iohannis announced on a message posted on Tweeter.

Furthermore, the head of state also thanked to Finland’s and Croatia’s PMs for this “very constructive meeting.”

Prior to participating in the European Council meeting, the head of state mentioned that he will carry out a trilateral meeting with the Finnish and Croatian Prime Ministers, in view of discussing how to tackle together the matters regarding Romania, Finland, Croatia Presidencies Trio.

“We are starting with a trilateral [meeting] and I believe that we can very quickly establish how to tackle together, in the Trio, the matters coming towards us. There are very complicated matters. Brexit will be another topic of discussion, the MFF [the Multi-annual Financial Framework] will be a talk, probably a longer one, migration and so on. And we want to create together a strategy so that solutions be generated, passing from one Presidency to another, without syncope,” Iohannis mentioned.

When asked if so far, he received optimistic messages at the European Council meeting about how prepared is Romania to take over the Presidency of the EU Council, Iohannis stated: “Yes, I took care to be an optimistic message and I said it myself in the plenary sitting that Romania is ready. I assured those in the Council and I believe that things will run well. (…) Everybody expects us to do things just as we should and we will do it.


Iohannis says Romania will make every effort to advance European Agenda during Trio Romania-Finland-Croatia


President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday in Brussels that our country will make every effort to contribute to the advancement of the European Agenda during the Trio Presidency of the EU Council, consisting of Romania, Finland and Croatia.

According to the Presidential Administration, President Iohannis had a meeting with Finland Prime Minister Juha Sipila on Friday and with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic in a context in which the three states are expected to secure the Trio Presidency of the EU Council from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Klaus Iohannis conveyed his appreciations “on the sustained dialogue and excellent cooperation” with Finland and Croatia in the process of drafting the Joint EU Council Work Program during the rotating presidencies to be held consecutively by the three states, starting with 1 January 2019.

“The program outlines the major lines to be addressed within the EU Council over the next 18 months, thus ensuring the coherence and continuity of the European agenda in the medium and long term,” the Presidential Administration said.

President Iohannis also stressed that this Trio will play an important role in ensuring the continuity of the management of the files on the European agenda, as well as the legislative and institutional transition at Union level. The discussions also focused on addressing the current agenda topics of the European agenda, such as Brexit, the negotiations on the next multiannual financial framework post-2020 and the issue of migration.

Iohannis also said that the current debates at European level on the future of the EU give the Trio Romania – Finland – Croatia an important role in the future Strategic Agenda of the Union and the design of the directions for the evolution of European policies in a manner which responds more effectively to the expectations of European citizens.

At the same time, Klaus Iohannis said that our country, as a state that will take over the presidency of the EU Council on 1 January 2019, will make every effort to contribute to the advancement of the European Agenda during the Trio, the Presidential Administration underlines.

According to the cited source, the discussion highlighted the commitment of the three countries to working together to meet the common objectives set out in the Joint Working Program.

At the proposal of President Iohannis, it was agreed that during the period of the successive mandates of the Trio presidencies – Romania, Finland, Croatia – coordination meetings should be held on the sidelines of the European Councils, the Presidential Administration informs.

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