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April 11, 2021

Romania’s Ambassador to London Dan Mihalache: We are working on a new strategic partnership with UK

The Romanian Ambassador to London, Dan Mihalache, on Wednesday stated that Brexit won’t have a significant impact on Romania, with the strategic partnership with the UK to be revised from a different perspective, in order for this bilateral relation to continue with maximum results.

“I don’t think that, for us, right now, the Brexit has a significant impact. Of course, when we speak of the European Union, it’s a whole different architecture. It’s a more complex architecture, but in terms of bilateral relations, we are getting ready for a strengthened partnership with the UK in the fields we already know – and I mean here foreign affairs, defence, exchange of information, national security – but also to strengthen this partnership in the economic field, in investments, university education, studies. Therefore, we are working now on a new strategic partnership document. We already have a strategic partnership with the UK, but that document must be revised, because it was created from the perspective of the UK being a member of the European Union, and now we must think it from a different perspective, which is what we are doing. And maybe next spring, of course depending on the developments that come up, – for you see that UK is facing a pretty fluid economic situation right now, considering the decisions regarding Brexit -, we will see next year what solution will be found to continue this bilateral relation with the best results,” stated the diplomat for AGERPRES.

With respect to the official reception organised by the British – Romanian Commercial Chamber (BRCC) on Wednesday evening, at the ICR (Romanian Cultural Institute) London, Dan Mihalache voiced hope that BRCC will establish “a dialogue with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, so that there will be a method for coordination” of their actions.

“This is a meeting that we organise every year, a Christmas party organised by the British – Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC), where we try to bring people together, to present certain products, to have a certain type of relating. This is already a tradition and I hope it will continue, the same as I hope next year we will be able to give a new push to trade relations existing between the UK and Romania, by using this instrument of the British – Romanian Chamber of Commerce that I hope to set into dialogue with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Industry, so that we will have a certain manner of coordination, an action plan, a plan of ideas, opportunities related to what we can do together,” he also said.

In his turn, the President of the BRCC, Neil McGregor, underscored that after the UK will be leaving the EU, the economic relations with Romania won’t change.

Colin Lovering, the Vice President of the BRCC, said that Romanians are already renown and sought for in the UK as specialists in various fields of activity.

The former Ambassador of UK to Romania, Paul Brummel, also said he was confident in respect to the continuation with the best results of the Romanian-British relations.

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