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February 1, 2023

Opposition parties to table no-confidence motion against Dancila Gov’t . What does the motion signed by 163 MPs contain

Opposition parties will table the no-confidence motion on Friday, so that the document – signed by 163 MPs – will be read during the joint plenary meeting of the Legislative next Monday and will be put to the vote next Thursday.

“This no-confidence motion is an awaited motion and a necessary motion for Romanian society and for the current situation our country finds itself in. (…) There are elements that give confidence in and somehow hope for the result of this motion. To an equal extent, this no-confidence motion must be debated and we must have room for debate in society, it should not be buried through a PSD artifice, and from this standpoint we will register the motion on Friday in order to be able to have its first reading on Monday and then to have the vote on Thursday,” Save Romania Union (USR) President and House lawmaker Dan Barna stated.

He added that there has been coordination among Opposition parties in recent weeks.

In the text of the no-confidence motion, Opposition parties reproach the Dancila Cabinet for failing to observe the governance programme and for modifying the judicial laws and the pensions law.

“Lawbreaker Liviu Dragnea’s puppet Government must leave today! This is not an Opposition request, it’s a national urgency! The organised crime ring led by Liviu Dragnea, which has dug in at the helm of Romania, has weakened the state in order to make it subservient, at a time when we need to be strong, today more than ever. We state firmly and with full responsibility that the country remaining in the hands of this organised crime ring that is destroying the rule of law and is undermining Romania’s political and economic stability, at a time of international instability, is dangerous for national interests. Those who will try to save Liviu Dragnea once again, against Romania, will bear a historical responsibility. Because the choice you will make today, members of the PSD, ALDE and UDMR, is a choice between Liviu Dragnea and Romania,” reads the introduction of PNL-USR-PMP’s no-confidence motion against the Government.

In the no-confidence motion titled “Enough! Dragnea-Dancila Government – the disgrace of Romania,” the Opposition also talks about the judicial laws.

“The judiciary is not about Dragnea, nor about Tudorel! The judiciary is about a mature and developed society that functions based on rules and values. Without an independent and functional judiciary, we will be unable to hope for anything good! You DID NOT observe any of the obligations taken before Parliament based on Article 103 of the Constitution! You promised ‘Judiciary in the service of the citizen!’ and you have negated, through your actions, the independence of the judiciary – which you are trying with all your might to render subservient,” reads the motion.

Likewise, the Opposition reproaches Premier Viorica Dancila for not respecting the governance programme undertaken at the start of her mandate.

“Prime Minister, when you were sworn in, the document approved by Parliament was called ‘The Governance Programme 2018-2020.’ All actions taken by the Government led by you have transformed this document, of legal character, into ‘The post-2021 Governance Programme…,’ since all commitments have been postponed for after that date! The salaries will grow after 2021, the pensions will grow after 2022, highways and railways are to be built only after 2021, the construction of regional hospitals will also start after 2021. In this context of complete contempt for the programme you were sworn in with, we can consider that, based on Article 103 of the Romanian Constitution, you are de jure dismissed and you can try your luck after 2021,” the signatories of the motion claim.

Opposition parties point out that successive Government reshuffles “demonstrate its incompetence.”

“Successive reshuffles have only served to demonstrate that for one proven incompetent the PSD-ALDE has at least another 3-4 even more poorly trained replacements that humiliate the youths who believed in the saying ‘knowledge is power.’ And the youths are leaving! 23 percent of youths say that they plan to leave the country in the next year, and almost half of them say they plan to do so in the next five years. Through your incompetent policies you deprive not only Romanians but Romania itself of its future! Even though more than 70 ministers have passed through the PSD-ALDE Governments in less than 2 years, the quality of the act of governance has constantly dropped, from one Government to the next, the effects being visible in the economy, in education, in healthcare or in the modernisation of the country, which could have been done with the billions of euro in European grants. You have used the Government reshuffles to trick the population into believing that things will change for the better, starting tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in 2021. In fact, the dealing out of governmental offices was only the result of the mafia-style fighting and portioning out between crime gangs within the main ruling party. You have endorsed one last Government reshuffle, but we notice that the least efficient ministers remain firmly in office,” the motion reads.

In the document, Opposition parties are also talking about Interior Minister Carmen Dan and about the August 10 protest.

The Premier is also reproached for Romania’s weak economy.

“You came to power and found the treasury full, a treasury that you have emptied, and you have even spent next year’s money in advance. You have borrowed tens of billions and you have not built anything! What you did with all the money that the economy created or that you borrowed is hard to tell! Nobody sees the economic growth anywhere! Salaries have risen only on paper, and for most employees what they won was cancelled out by the inflation rate. Pension hikes have been obliterated by price hikes, and children are almost inexistent for governmental policies. The state allowance for children does not even cover 3 pretzels a day! You have borrowed money from international financial bodies, even though the interest rates have risen considerably. You have borrowed money from Romanian banks, leaving the private environment without financial sources for development. Which bank still credits an SME or a daring business plan today when the Government comes along and vacuums all the available resources on the market? You also borrowed from the population, because nobody has confidence to lend to this Government any longer. You have ended up confiscating even the money of profitable state-owned companies which, instead of investing in technologies, are condemned to be sold for scrap or for one dollar. God forbid there is a sudden economic brake, because you have cut the seatbelts and have tossed them out the window. You have broken the piggy-bank and have consumed money from it!”, the no-confidence motion reads.

Likewise, the signatories also mention the “disastrous” situation in Romanian hospitals.

Another discontent mentioned by the Opposition concerns the Pensions Law, which will come into force in September 2019: “You are stealing money from pensioners, for the second time in a year! First, when you grossly violated the law and postponed the indexation by 6 months, from 1 January 2018 to 1 July 2018. Also by not respecting the law, the Government is cutting – for the second time – the pensions of more than 5 million Romanians by postponing the enforcement of the law for 2019. Starting on 1 January 2019, PSD-ALDE are cutting on average around 102 lei per month from the pension of each Romanian, a right that the pensioners had via the Pensions Law that is still in force, namely to have their pensions indexed by 100 percent of price hikes and by 50 percent of the gross average salary hike.”

Opposition parties are telling the Premier “not to be saddened” by the fact that former Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu has lost her mandate as minister, because she is still House lawmaker.

“You should not be sad that Ms Olgura Vasilescu has lost her ministerial office. She is not unemployed, she is a House lawmaker! After she guaranteed an inequitable salary law and has forced a very unjust pensions law down the throat of the parliamentary majority, without impact analyses, without sources of financing, without justice for those who have contributed a lifetime, Ms Vasilescu should sit outside of Government and politics for a long time. You have pulverised the most important principle that stands at the basis of the public pensions system – the principle of contributivity. You have generated a huge wave of expectation among pensioners, without telling them that the law proposed by PSD-ALDE raises the expenditures on pensions from 6 percent of GDP in 2018 to 11 percent of GDP in 2022,” the signatories of the motion point out.

The Opposition parties will table the no-confidence motion on Friday, so that the document – signed by 163 MPs – will be read at the joint plenary meeting of the Legislative on Monday and put to the vote on Thursday.

In a joint plenary meeting on June 27, Parliament rejected the Opposition’s no-confidence motion against the Dancila Government. PSD-ALDE MPs were present at the meeting, in order to ensure the quorum was met, but did not cast ballots.


The governing program proposed by the Opposition if the no-confidence motion will be adopted by the Parliament


If the Parliament adopts the no-confidence motion, the Opposition parties will propose a suppler Government, with a maximum number of 15 ministries and 45 state secretaries, as well as the increase of the amounts allocated to education and the increase of the pension point since the beginning of the next January.

“The Dancila Government will be dismissed, and instead of it we will propose a supple, European Government, with a maximum number of 15 ministries and 45 state secretaries at most. We will start a large process of eliminating the waste of public money, which will begin with restructuring the central administration, by reducing the number of governmental agencies and restructuring the expenses on goods and services for the central public administration. Public administration that serves clients, nephews and sponsors will be eliminated! Local public administration must receive an appropriate funding, by allocating 100% of the income tax and 80% of the mining royalties, as well as through the quotas deducted from VAT”, the signatories claim in the text of the no-confidence motion.

One of the Opposition’s proposals for a new governing program is related to allocating 6% of the GDP to the education system.

“We strongly believe that we cannot expect a future for Romania without education. That’s why we will increase the allocations for the national education and research system from the current percentage of 2.9% of the GDP, to 5% of the GDP in 2019, and to 6% of the GDP in 2020. By implementing the PNL programs – meal at school, after school, the didactic master class, investments in the school network – we assume the central objective – All the children go to school!-, regardless of the residence areas or the economic situation of their families”, reads the quoted source.

The Opposition also promises to implement the increase of the pension point starting from January 1, while the Government announced that the pension point will increase from September 2019, according to the Pension Law to be adopted by the Parliament.

“We will implement the increase of the pension point, as the law provides, starting from January 1 of each year. In addition, we intend to remove inequities in the Pay Law, which continues to dissatisfy thousands of employees: biochemists, chemists, etc. Also, all these measures will be implemented in such a manner that they will not cause inflation. We will not allow the people’s income to be eroded by an avalanche of price increases. For those who will soon retire, we will keep our commitment to increase the contributions to the 2nd Pension Pillar from the current percentage of 3.75% to 5% in 2019 and 6% in 2020”, according to the above-mentioned source.

Another proposal for the governing program regards the removal of the VAT split, of the over-excise duty on fuel and of the over-taxation of the part-time labor agreements. (Source: Mediafax)

“We have prepared an important package of measures for the economic agents in Romania. First, we will remove part of the aberrant measures implemented in the last two years: VAT Split, the over-excise duty on fuel, the over-taxation of the part-time labor agreements. We will have specific measures to stimulate the employees in the private sector, which have been totally forgotten by the current Government”, the signatories of the document stated.

The signatories of the no-confidence motion also claim that they will support “an independent justice and a strong anti-corruption fight”.


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