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June 23, 2021

Who are the judges in the new five-judge panels of the Supreme Court

High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) established on Thursday the composition of the new five-judge panels available for 2018.

The draw was carried out by the President of the Supreme Court, Cristina Tarcea, in a public session, and the names of the judges were introduced into the balls.

According to the decision of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), three panels were drawn by lot for criminal matters and three panels in civil matters:


* 1st Panel in criminal matters – Simona Cristina Nenita, Iulian Dragomir, Constantin Epure, Marius Foitos, Ionut Matei;


* 2nd Panel in criminal matters – Simona Daniela Encean, Tatiana Lucia Rog, Alexandra Iuliana Rus, Luciana Mera, Rodica Aida Popa;


* 3rd Panel in criminal matters – Francisca Vasile, Silvia Cerbu, Ioana Bogdan, Anca Madalina Alexandrescu, Ana Iancu;


* 1st Panel in civil matters – Mihaela Tabarca, Lavinia Dascalu, Minodora Condoiu, Claudia Marcela Canacheu, Gabriela Barsan;


* 2nd Panel in civil matters – Cristina Tarcea, George Bogdan Florescu, Rodica Zaharia, Corina Alina Corbu, Hrudei Maria;


* 3rd Panel in civil matters – Bianca Tandarescu, Beatrice Nestor, Valentina Vrabie, Daniel Gheorghe Severin, Virginia Filipescu.

The President of the Supreme Court, Cristina Tarcea, mentioned that for the year 2019, CSM will issue a new decision on the drawing by lot of the five-judge panels, according to Agerpres.

“It’s not a secret for anyone that there was a more or less discrete assault also against the three-judge panels of the High Court. I want to remind you that there are also two-judge panels and one-judge panels at the High Court, not only three-judge panels. If we appreciate that drawing by lot is an element of the fair trial, this element should equally be applicable to all the court panels in the country, in all the courts, namely the three-judge, two-judge and one-judge panels. Please think about this”, Cristina Tarcea stated before drawing by lot the composition of the Supreme Court’s five-judge panels.

All the cases judged by the 5-judge panels of ICCJ, including those of Liviu Dragnea, Toni Grebla, Victor Ponta, Viorel Hrebenciuc, Sebastian Ghita, were deferred on December 3 until January 14.

Last week, the Department for Judges of the Supreme Court of Magistracy decided to recommend the establishment of an “optimal number” of five-judge panels, “at least 3 court panels in criminal matters and 3 court panels in other matters than the criminal matters, to assure the compliance with the requirements mentioned by the Constitutional Court’s decision”. According to the decisions, judges will be established by drawing by lot, in public session, and all the cases on the docket at ICCJ that are to be solved by the 5-judge panels “established since 2014 until today will be randomly allocated, through a computer system, to the new 5-judge panels”.


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