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November 24, 2022

Ex-PM Ciolos launches new party, PLUS, says will ask the Bucharest Court to withdraw the registration of Romania Together Movement

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Saturday announced in Cluj that he and his supporters registered a new political party, the Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS), which will replace the Romania Together Movement (Miscarea Romania Impreuna).

“There have already passed eight months since we started to get organised, but the legal authorities are delaying this file too much. People who do not want us to have this political instrument are trying to block us, they are trying to delay this process of registration and if we continue at this pace we think there is a risk we end up in March, April, May not being able to candidate in the next elections to be held in end-May. Then, in September we decided to think of an alternative and our colleagues, who share the same values, the same principles, anonymous people, but who wanted to just give us a helping hand, have submitted a request to register another political party. Today, I want to announce you that political party is registered with the Registry of Political Parties in Romania, so today I want to announce you, dear friends, that we have our political party. I am talking about the Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party, PLUS,” said Ciolos, in front of several hundreds of supporters from all over the country, gathered in front of the Florin Piersic Cinema Hall.

He also added the new party shares the same values of the Romania Together Movement.

“We want to build a Romania to be on plus. This is a party that shares the exact same values and principles and the same concept about Romania that we built before in what we wanted to be Romania Together Movement,” said Ciolos.

The Romanian Together Movement will be withdrawn as a political party.

“In the next days, together with other eight founders of the Romanian Together Movement we will ask the Bucharest Court to withdraw the registration of Romania Together Movement and starting on Tuesday we will also be members of this party, PLUS. This is the party we are going to continue on our road together,” said Dacian Ciolos.


USR leader Barna: I wish Ciolos success; New party- a big gain for Romanian democracy


Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna says the new party launched by Dacian Ciolos PLUS (Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) is a great win for the Romanian democracy, stating that, like USR (Save Romania Union), it means to save Romania from corruption and poverty.

“I wish Dacian Ciolos and the team surrounding success, with the new PLUS party. “The new party is a big gain for Romanian democracy and they will continue to be our closest partners. I know that we share the same objectives, to save Romania from corruption and poverty. We must all get involved in the struggle for Europe, for civilization, for the well-being of the honest people in Romania. We will have to fight together, without compromise, against the corruption and organised crime group that PSD-ALDE (Social Democratic Party – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) is, which is trying to remove us from the European Union,” wrote Barna, on Saturday, on Facebook.

He argued that at the next elections, Romanians must have “serious” alternatives to the PSD-ALDE coalition, “to prove they are united against corruption, and to demonstrate – by vote – that they want a clean, prosperous and European Romania.”


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