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January 27, 2022

Basescu on PNL and USR leaders: They held back the motion until they were certain it would fail

On Friday, ex-President Traian Basescu criticised the leaders of National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union (USR) in what concerns the no-confidence motion, claiming that “they held it back until they were certain it would fail.” He says that either Orban and Barna are bad politicians or they feign being the Opposition, thus shamelessly deceiving their voters.

“They’ve waited until they were certain it would fail! I’ve seen Opposition leaders Orban, Barna and Tomac on television. They were haughty and full of themselves for tabling a no-confidence motion against the Government. Poor fellows, they pretend to be the Opposition. The sad fact is that unless they have rigged the game with the PSD then Orban and Barna are outrightly bad politicians when assessing the motion’s chances of success,” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

“The time for the motion was in September, when the authorities were going into people’s courtyards to take away their pigs, when the August 10 events in Victory Square were still fresh, when ALDE was distancing itself from the PSD because Tariceanu’s ego had inflated and in his proverbial opportunism he believed that only Dragnea is a lawbreaker and he isn’t, when UDMR hadn’t solved the issue of Romanian Language being taught in Hungarian-language schools by professors qualified to teach Romanian Language and they were threatening to break the protocol, when Badalau was sending open letters to Dragnea, Gabriela Firea was demanding the resignation of Carmen Dan and the putschists were lining up behind Stanescu,” Basescu added.

Likewise, the ex-President recalled that PMP leader Eugen Tomac sent the text of a no-confidence motion to PNL leader Ludovic Orban and USR leader Dan Barna back in September.

“Of course, we received replies from weightless “heavyweights” such as Ludovic Orban, Raluca Turcan, Barna and other various “heavyweights” from the PNL and USR (excuse me for not knowing their names), saying it is not the time and that they know when this time comes. Many things have happened since September,” Traian Basescu added.

He listed the events that have put the ruling coalition at an advantage.

“In November, Tariceanu found out that he is a lawbreaker too, just like Dragnea, which deflated his ego and he started to show solidarity with Dragnea once again, because the votes that can send him before the prosecutors are in PSD’s hands. The swine fever emotion has passed, the damages have been paid, so there is no longer any social and media pressure. In October, the National Education Minister was reshuffled, and the order that established that Romanian Language is to be taught by qualified professors in Hungarian-language schools was cancelled, which brought back Kelemen Hunor to being obedient toward Dragnea too, not solely toward Victor Orban. In November, Dragnea managed to shut down the putschist hotbeds. He bought off some with offices and money, he eliminated others, thus re-establishing a fragile control over the party and the Government. The emotion of the August 10 events has passed, especially since in the meantime Romanians have seen on television, in Paris and Brussels, interventions that were far harsher than those in Victory Square. On December 13, the Government announced days off and the hiking of the minimum salary starting on January 1. Obviously, the no-confidence motion no longer has any chance. Orban, Turcan, Barna, Ghinea, have held back the no-confidence motion until they were certain it no longer has any chance to pass. PNL and USR leaders are either bad politicians or they simply feign being the Opposition, thus shamelessly deceiving their voters. What’s certain is that they held back the no-confidence motion until they were certain it would fail,” the ex-President wrote.

He also criticised the USR leaders’ demarche to meet Premier Viorica Dancila.

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