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April 17, 2021

LabMin announces he will negotiate with UDMR on the Pension Law: The talks will be held on Monday and Tuesday, before the voting

Labor Minister Marius Budai stated on Saturday that he will negotiate with the UDMR leaders on Monday or Tuesday, before the final voting on the Pension Law, after the members of this party stated a few days ago that they filed amendments on the situation of the people with disabilities.

“Last week, the law couldn’t be promoted for the final voting, because it wasn’t included on the agenda, and the regulation says that if it wasn’t passed through the Standing Bureau, it can be passed through the group of the leaders in the Deputies’ Chamber, in order to be included on the agenda. The PNL and USR leaders didn’t agree, and for this reason, the law wasn’t included last week on the agenda of the plenum. (…) We will discuss with UDMR on Monday or Tuesday, before the final voting”, Labor Minister Marius Budai stated for Romania TV.

The remarks come after the UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor stated a few days ago at the Parliament that people with disabilities must be included in the Pension Law.

“There are at least two issues that must be included in the Pension Law. It is a better law than the current one, but there is a problem that must be very seriously treated – people with disabilities. Yesterday, we had an amendment – we had this amendment also at the Senate – at the specialized committee. First time, our amendment was voted, but after the break the voting was resumed, and our amendment didn’t pass. People with disabilities must not be excluded from the Pension Law. We cannot say we will come with a different law and include them in the social system. From this point of view, I think we can discuss about the financial impact, but we need figures, we can say there are certain administrative issues, but they have to be solved by administrative means. (…) People with disabilities must be included in the pension system”, the UDMR Chairman stated.

The Labor Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber adopted, after a meeting that lasted more than seven hours, an admission report with amendments for the draft Pension Law. There were 14 “pros”, 5 “cons” and one abstention. In the Tuesday meeting of the Labor Committee of the Chamber, deputies rejected the proposal to maintain the pension at the fair amount in relation with the contribution periods of the people with severe and pronounced disabilities (men and women) that are lower, respectively from 10 years to 11.8 years for people with severe disabilities, and from 15 years to 23.6 years for people with pronounced disabilities, than the standard contribution period established by the draft law, which is 25 years for all the categories of people.

Therefore, MEPs adopted the amendment providing that a pensioner is “a person that benefits from one of the pension categories provided by this law and has attained at least the minimum contribution periods of 15 years, as well as the persons with severe visual impairment that have attained 1/3 of the full contribution period”. The report that was adopted on Tuesday by the Committee will be subject to the vote of the plenum of the Deputies’ Chamber, which is the decisional body on the draft Pension Law.

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