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December 1, 2021

PNL’s Orban: Dragnea’s speech, delirium of dictator capable to condemn Romania to darkest period ever

The speech delivered by the main ruling party (PSD)’s leader Liviu Dragnea was “the delirium of a crazy dictator” capable to condemn Romania “to its darkest period ever”, the head of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, told a press release on Sunday night.

“This individual [Liviu Dragnea, ed. n.] has launched attacks against all of the institutions that are not under his political control through a desperation howl that seemed to come from the totalitarian regime’s caverns, through the most aggressive and antidemocratic and anti-European blatant speech since Romania has joined the EU,” Orban said.

The Liberal leader says that Dragnea lost any contact with the reality and identifies Romania with “the Party”.

“It is dumbfounding the way this character believes he can have the entire Romanian state at his beck and call, persistently identifying the whole of Romania with the Party. For those who still had any doubt, Liviu Dragnea has demonstrated the most anti-European stance via an autocratic speech through which he technically declares war to all of Romania’s partners within the European Union and NATO,” the PNL head added.

From where Orban stands, Dragnea is “the public enemy No. 1 of any Romanian who wishes to live in a civilized country, based on the observance of the law and the just reward of their work.”

Referring to the attack launched by Dragnea on President Klaus Iohannis, Orban said it “lacks rationality and argument” and that it is “a worrying signal given to all those who look at Romania.”

“The materalisation of an approach as the one forwarded by Liviu Dragnea in the case of the president is an illusion, and yet it is an extremely devious message to any Romanian who has the boldness to oppose Liviu Dragnea’s domination project. I am making an appeal to responsibility to all those who are currently part of the PSD-ALDE coalition, to distance themselves as soon as possible from Liviu Dragnea. Breaking with this character whose mind has been clouded, is in the own interest of those who today are leaders of PSD and ALDE,” the PNL head added.

In context, Ludovic Orban makes an appeal to the PSD and ALDE members of the Parliament to realise that what Liviu Dragnea “has spouted” is the most powerful argument to vote in favour of the censor motion.


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