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April 21, 2021

President Iohannis asks PM Dancila for work schedule of each Gov’t meeting

On Monday, President Klaus Iohannis sent Prime Minister Vasilica-Viorica Dancila a letter asking her for the work schedule of each Government meeting. Senator Claudiu Manda (PSD) stated on Monday that President Klaus Iohannis can take part in and chair Government meetings provided topics that pertain to his prerogatives are on the order of business. Otherwise, the Government has announced they will not offer him the order of business. The Senator opined that the Executive “has acted correctly.”

“Esteemed Prime Minister, in order to exercise the prerogatives established by Article 87 of the Constitution, I ask you to convey the order of business of each Government meeting,” the Head of State wrote, referring to the article according to which “the President of Romania may participate in the Government meetings debating upon matters of national interest with regard to foreign policy, national defence, insurance of public order, and, at the Prime Minister’s request, in other instances as well” and “the President of Romania shall preside over the Government meetings he participates in.”

He invokes the fact that the obligation to convey the order of business is stipulated by Article 39 of the Government Regulations regarding the procedures to draw up, approve and present draft public policy documents, draft legislative acts, as well as other documents, in view of adoption/approval, Regulations adopted via Government Decision no.561/2009.

“According to the mentioned directives, the order of business of the Government meeting is communicated to the interested public authorities, along with the draft public policy documents, draft legislative acts or other documents, as well as with the relevant accompanying documents, 24 hours before the Government meeting at the latest,” the President points out.

The President’s undertaking comes against the backdrop in which the PSD has announced that they mull issuing a Government emergency ordinance (GEO) on the Criminal Codes, and against the backdrop of information regarding the potential adoption of a legislative act on amnesty and pardon.


PSD’s Manda: President Klaus Iohannis can take part in and chair Gov’t meetings provided topics pertaining to his prerogatives are on the order of business


Senator Claudiu Manda (PSD) stated on Monday, at the Palace of Parliament, that it seems fair to him for the Government not to notify President Klaus Iohannis what its order of business is when the topics do not pertain to foreign policy or national defence.

“From what I know, President Iohannis can take part in Government meetings if there are issues that pertain to his prerogatives, such as national security, foreign policy or defence. If there aren’t, I understand the Government will not notify him and I consider they have acted correctly,” Senate Deputy Speaker Claudiu Manda stated on Monday at the Palace of Parliament.


Tudorel Toader: It’s been agreed that amnesty and pardoning would be the last solution to mend abuses


Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated on Monday that the PSD leadership has agreed that amnesty and pardoning would be the last solution to mend some abuses, nevertheless explaining that other solutions would be implemented if they exist.

Tudorel Toader explained that at PSD’s National Council meeting on Sunday “the issue of a vote, the issue of a decision was not raised.”

According to Toader, during the meeting it was “obviously and normally” agreed that if other legislative solutions to mend the abuses exist then they would be implemented.

“If not, it was agreed that amnesty, pardoning, would be the last solution to mend the abuses,” Toader said.

He explained that only in such a case could one talk about phase two, when the benchmark criteria would have to be seen – the nature of the offence, the gravity of the offence, whether the problem concerns the enforced punishment.

On Sunday, after PSD’s National Council meeting, Toader avoided giving a clear answer regarding the potential adoption of an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardoning, stating that he will ponder on this topic. “When I have a structured answer, I will give it to you,” he said despite the journalists’ insistence.

Asked about the information according to which an ordinance on amnesty and pardoning will be adopted by January 15, Toader said: “I’ve just read on the internet that I’m in very advanced talks to become a member of the European Parliament. Categorically not.”

Asked not to change the subject, he said: “Concretely, when I have something to tell you I will certainly do so. Apart from this, if, for example, someone told you they talked with me, if someone told you it has been devised, ask the authors of those statements.”

Asked whether he knows nothing about the amnesty and pardoning topic, Toader said: “Ask those who told you.”



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