PSD’s Dragnea asks for a criminal complaint for high treason against Iohannis

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea asked the Social Democrats to file a criminal complaint for high treason against President Klaus Iohannis.

“Iohannis who betrays Romania’s interests is saying for a very long time that Romania’s Government, that Romania is not ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council. This is an act of national treason, [treason] of the national interests of this country practiced by Klaus Werner Iohannis. Mr Mircea Draghici, together with Mr Iordache (…) and with the specialist support of Mr Toader, please, after the New Year’s, file that complaint for high treason against Klaus Werner Iohannis,” Dragnea stated on Sunday at the National Council meeting of the PSD.


“PSD and ALDE have duty to correct injustices and abuse in Justice”


SocDem leader Liviu Dragnea said that the issue of amnesty and pardon should be addressed so as to close this issue, as PSD and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE, minor at rule, ed.n.) have the obligation to correct injustices.

“There is talk of amnesty and pardon in Romania as if we were talking about having an atomic bomb and thinking about whether to use it or not against the European Union or against the world. I am not afraid to pronounce these words. If someone finds other instruments, other legislative measures, any other kind of action that will fully solve all the injustices that have happened in Romania and which are still happening, all the abuses of justice other than amnesty and pardon will have all the support of the party and my personal support. If not, do not hesitate, I do not know when, I do not know how, but PSD, PSD-ALDE also has this duty to correct the injustices. And those in the press with epaulettes [reference to former officers of the secret communist police, ed.n]. and all of you paid by Soros in bitcoins, you should stop acting desperate, you have seen that all things come to light, eventually, invent something, find a provision in a decision of the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania, ed.n.], a comma in a decision of the Constitutional Court to say: these two pieces of legislation, three pieces of legislation, five pieces of legislation do not apply to Liviu Dragnea and we close the subject. Get out everyone from this trap in which they personalize all these intentions as they are given for me,” Dragnea said on Sunday at PSD’s National Council.

He added that when the Government wants to take a good measure, “another file pops up.”

He then conveyed to the Social Democrats to act as statesmen: “Decide when and if, and at some point we are going to close this subject because we are bored.”

“I would like us for two years to deal with what is important to the country. And this area is very important, indeed, Justice needs to be reset and many, many people in this system, both judges and prosecutors say it needs to be reset,” Dragnea added.


” Romania, accused of things that happen and that exist everywhere in EU”


SocDem leader also said on Sunday at the PSD National Council that Romania was accused of things happening also in other EU member states and that our country was asked to suspend laws adopted by Parliament or to block ongoing procedures.

“Lately (…) Romania’s position has been attacked and made vulnerable within the European Union. Our country has, in fact, been accused of things that happen and exist everywhere in the European Union and let us discuss about them. (…) We have been asked to pass laws, to suspend laws already adopted by Parliament. Everywhere in Europe, parliaments are sovereign, they represent sovereignty and they exercise the sovereignty of the peoples. What were we told? That Romania’s Parliament is a mere, insignificant institution. Suspend laws already passed by Parliament. But why? Because they contain provisions we do not like. But they exist in other counties as well. Yes, but they do not apply to you. That is, we Romanians, are stained. We have also been asked to stop some legal proceedings in progress, referring to appointment and revocation procedures. (…) We were told to block the procedures for the appointment and revocation of the chief prosecutors,” the PSD leader said.

He added that Romania was asked to “ignore” the Constitutional Court’s decisions or even to amend the Fundamental Law, although before it was passed in 1991, it had been okayed by the Venice Commission. Dragnea argued that this is how one wants to give greater powers to the President.

Dragnea showed that it was said Romania “would be a country too corrupt to be a full member of the EU” and that an “unfair” resolution was voted in the European Parliament that reproach us for things that happen everywhere.” In this respect, the PSD leader said that our country “has been transformed into the scapegoat” of power games between European political families.

“What was said in that resolution? That Romanian gendarmes acted with a disproportionate force against peaceful, fire-setting protesters who were beating a woman-gendarme and were destroying urban furniture. I heard Iohannis yesterday when he was preparing to go to encourage the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom that he had a yellow vest in the trunk. And my question is: when he was to Macron, did he tell him as well he had a yellow vest in the trunk? And that he was ready to take to the street against him? Or does he keep silent there? There and at meetings with other European leaders? It is very good that he encourages Prime Minister Theresa May .Very well. But in the same intervention in which he said he encouraged the British PM he encouraged others to take down the premier of their country’s government. That is Iohannis. Unfairly and in an offensive manner, with the complicity, let’s say openly, of some Romanian MEPs, our country has been transformed into the scapegoat of power games between European political families,” he said.


“Party  has been subjected to most ample, well-prepared programme against it”


Dragnea declared  that the Social Democratic Party has been subjected over the last two years of governing to the “most ample” and “well-prepared” programme against it.

“Our party has been subjected to the most ample and well-prepared programme against it, our dissolution was attempted, the torn-apart of this party both from within and outside the party, both from inside and outside the Government, both from within and outside the country,” Dragnea said on Sunday at a meeting of the National Council of the PSD.


“Coalition needed to tell multinationals to pay taxes from huge profits they make “


PSD Chairman also emphasized that the Government and the  PSD-ALDE coalition are needed to tell banks and multinationals that “from the huge profits they make here, they should pay the taxes.”

“It takes a government and a party and a coalition – my colleague and friend is here – to tell both banks and multinationals in Romania that this country has the right to demand that the huge profits that they make, they should pay the taxes here. Not in tax havens or in countries of origin, because they make the money here in Romania with Romanians,” Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday at the National Council of PSD.

The Social Democrat leader gave some examples to support his allegations.

“How can one believe, for example, in the honesty of a large chain of hypermarkets that, with multibillion-dollar businesses, declare a profit of 0.5 percent. Well, you think, you really pity them, sir, they have been struggling in this country for years and just 0.5 percent profit? And after that, surely you find out the piece of information that, for example, they buy a bottle of juice, I am not giving the name, it’s a juice that a lot of us drink, they are not buying in Romania, because it is also produced in Romania with 0.9 lei, they buy it from a tax haven with 2.20 lei and sell it with 2.70 lei. If they bought it with 0.9 lei, that is, 90 bani from Romania and sell it with 2.70 lei, the profit between 0.9 lei and 2.70 lei would be taxed here. Whereas as such, it is taxed or rather not taxed in a tax haven (…) For example, an energy multinational, heavy business, has a profit of 0.8 per thousand, it’s no longer per hundred, it is per thousand. So think about how these people struggle with business of billions of euro, to have profits of 0.8 per thousand (…) A large telephony company, with epaulettes, turnover between 3 and 4 billion, the huge profit reported, 1,500 lei. (…) I tell them from here, from the National Council’s floor, to all of them, that Romania is not a village without watch dogs. Tomorrow, they can fund all the attacks against me, the prime minister and the government and the party, they can finance them, but Romania is not a village without watch dogs. We cannot stand as dummies to see how our resources are being taken,” Dragnea added.


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