PSD’s National Council meeting: Mihai Fifor validated as President. Fifor announces that CN will have 25 specialised departments meant to “mirror” the Gov’t

The National Council (CN) meeting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) convened on Sunday at the Palace of Parliament, in order to validate the new CN president and elect the chiefs of the specialised departments of the Social-Democrats. The meeting was attended by 600 Social-Democrats and among the guests of the CN meeting there were also Chairman of the the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

Mihai Fifor was the only candidate for the office of National Council President, having already been approved by PSD’s National Executive Committee as acting National Council President.

According to the PSD Statute, the party’s National Council is a platform for analysis, debate and drafting of programmes and public policies, which is also meant to offer alternative solutions for the governance programmes and consists of working departments ordered by fields of activity.

PSD’s National Council has been set up in line with the new party statute and consists of parliamentarians – members of the House and Senate –, ministers, county council chairmen, mayors of county seats, mayors of large cities, three mayors from the main communes of each county, the leader of the League of Local Elected Officials, members of the European Parliament.

Twenty-four PSD departments have also been formed, mirroring the ministries of the Romanian Government.

“The departments of the National Council will convene on a weekly basis and the meeting of the heads of the departments and the National Council President will also take place each week, depending on the country’s topics of actuality. The departments will be formed at territorial level too, they will consist of the best specialists, the best cadres that PSD has in all fields of activity: economy, healthcare, education, transportation, tourism, so on and so forth. Issues raised by civil society, by unions, by employers, will also be discussed during these meetings, with the possibility of modifying or supplementing some laws, or of coming up with new initiatives in these fields, initiatives that would make the Romanians’ lives easier. There will be debates on these topics, some of them in the presence of the media,” PSD Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu stated on Friday for AGERPRES.


PSD leaders met in Liviu Dragnea’s office ahead of party’s National Council meeting


On Sunday, Social Democratic leaders met in House Speaker Liviu Dragnea’s office ahead of PSD’s National Council meeting. Premier Viorica Dancila, Interior Minister Carmen Dan, European Grants Minister Rovana Plumb and former Justice Minister Florin Iordache were among the PSD leaders present in the office of House Speaker Liviu Dragnea.

“At the National Council meeting, the party’s National Council will be constituted again, in line with the party’s new statute, the National Council President will be elected, in line with the procedures, the party’s special departments at national level will be constituted, and the departments’ coordinators will be elected,” Codrin Stefanescu stated.


PSD’s CN President Fifor says CN will have 25 specialised departments


The National Council (CN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will have 25 specialised departments, meant to “mirror” the Government, President of the PSD’s CN Mihai Fifor announced on Sunday.

He presented, from the tribune of the PSD’s CN meeting the specialised departments that are to operate inside the party:


– Department for Work and Social Justice:


– Department for National Education;


– Department of Healthcare;


– Department for Business Milieu, Trade and Entrepreneurship;


– Department for Fiscal-Budget Policies;


– Department for Justice and Citizens’ Freedoms;


– Department for Agriculture and Rural Development;


– Department for Environment;


– Department for Public Administration and Regional Development;


– Department for Infrastructure and Transport


– Department for Foreign Policy;


– Department for European Affairs;


– Department of Defence;


– Department for Home Affairs;


– Department for Culture and National Identity;


– Department for Youth and Sports


– Department for Romanians Abroad;


– Department for Communications and Information Society;


-Department for Economy;


– Department for Waters and Forests


– Department of Energy;


– Department for Research and Innovation:


– Department for Tourism;


– Department for European Funds;


– Department for Revolutionaries and Martyr Heroes.


The activity of the departments will be coordinated by a management board made up of the PSD’s CN President, CN Secretary and heads of each department.


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