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December 9, 2022

President Iohannis believes Opposition has pretty good chances of success with no-confidence motion. Personally, I take the liberty to be in sympathy with one side and have antipathy for another

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Wednesday that he wishes good luck to those who tabled the no-confidence motion against the Dancila Government and believes they “have good chances of success” but deems that he could not have got more involved. “This issue is settled in Parliament, through its procedures,” Iohannis said, nevertheless adding that he takes the liberty to be in sympathy with some and have antipathy for others.

Asked on Wednesday about the no-confidence motion’s chances, Klaus Iohannis wished its signatories good luck.

“I wish them good luck and I believe they have good chances of success,” Iohannis said.

Asked whether he could have done more to support this demarche, Iohannis said this is strictly Parliament’s business.

“I believe we must be aware that the separation of powers does not mean that the President should not go to the Government, because they are both the Executive. So, there is no separation of power between the Government and the President, both the Government and the President represent the executive branch of government, but Parliament is the legislative branch and it is certainly not the President’s business to make Parliament’s schedule. (…) This issue is settled in Parliament through its procedures,” Iohannis added.

Nevertheless, the Head of State added: “Personally, I take the liberty to be in sympathy with one side and have antipathy for another.”

Last Friday, several Opposition party representatives tabled a no-confidence motion titled ‘Enough! Dragnea-Dancila Government – the disgrace of Romania!”. The signatories of the document consider that “in absolutely all parties there are far better people who can lead the country.”

The motion was read on Monday and will be put to the vote on Thursday.

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